The Do’s and Don’ts of Couples Counseling

The goal of a therapist or counselor is to provide the couple guidance, clarity and assistance as they work to understand each other and their relationship. Without the help of a counselor, many couples who are experiencing problems would not be able to reach a healthier place.

However, a counselor can\’t do the work alone. A couple who comes to counseling in Palatine, IL, must be prepared to follow a few ground rules. Here are some do\’s and don\’ts that couples should keep in mind as they enter counseling.

Do Choose the Right Therapist or Counselor

Sometimes, a therapist is not the best fit for a couple. There may be personality differences, or the therapist\’s counseling style might not work for the couple. One person may have a hard time relating, or the couple may feel their questions are not being answered.

Sometimes, couples need to find a different therapist. It doesn\’t reflect poorly on anyone if a switch is the best solution. it’s vital for everyone to feel comfortable in the counseling sessions; otherwise, they will not be productive. it’s worth the effort to find counseling in Palatine, IL, that benefits everyone.

Do Make Therapy a Priority

Are you serious about your relationship? If so, you need to keep your appointments, even on the days you don\’t want to bother, or you feel things are going well. Therapy is a continuous process, and the insights you gain during counseling in Palatine, IL, help you through good and bad times. Your relationship is worth the extra effort of keeping all of your appointments.

Don\’t Try To Change Your Partner

You may go into counseling in Palatine, IL, with the idea of pointing out all the negative factors of your partner. However, the only person you can change is yourself. Remember that everyone has areas to improve — while your partner works on shortcomings, so can you.

Don\’t Skip the Homework

If your counselor at the Lotus Wellness Center gives you instructions or methods to try at home, be sure to do your homework. It is your chance to put into action the things you learn during your sessions. Read any suggested materials and make time for difficult conversations. Real-world practice is the best way to apply your new skills.

Your therapist at the Lotus Wellness Center is there to provide the tools you need to work on your problems and strengthen your relationship. Keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your sessions.