About Lotus Wellness Center

Shatzi Nikolai

ICF Accredited Holistic Career and Life Coach

Shatzi Nikolai, MSSCM, MBA

“The most important relationship in our life, is the one we hold with ourselves.” – Diane Von F.

We are all going through unexpected changes in our life. Sometimes painful and challenging events can force us to stop for a moment and look around to see what direction our life is going. But during those challenges, we often become stuck and unable to see the vision of our future selves unfold.

If you wish to explore your personal strength and reconnect with your soul energy, to make significant improvements and changes, and achieve goals tuned into your life purpose…together, we can explore what held you back in the past, shift negative patterns, open blocks in your energy body and connect the pieces for your true purpose and highest potential to flourish.

When you start listening to your higher self and intuition and start naturally shift towards what your soul really wants, there you can find your true happiness of regaining full power over your life.

I have over 16 years of international corporate experience, where I climbed the corporate ladder for years to reach the upper management positions. After receiving my master’s degree in business and supply chain management, I had a chance to manage teams as well as departments for the two top market leading companies in healthcare and food industry. After leaving corporate world and overcoming soul transforming personal struggles in my own life, I found my true purpose by helping others to find their own way to walk the walk, to reach their own happiness.

The lessons from my own awakening and healing, have shaped into a soul purpose working with adults who are at the beginning of their soul journey, and ready to leave behind their low self-esteem, worries, fears, private or work related toxic relationships, who are struggling with their chosen career and ready to change and who would like to start their soul healing journey.

There is no one-size-fits all approach. Sessions are unique and customized according to your needs. They can be solution-focused and target your unique challenges, barriers, and problems. There is an option to include holistic tools such as: aromatherapy, herbalism, mindfulness meditation, breathwork, chakra energy balancing and healing, guided visualization, EFT and NLP techniques.