Ceremonies & Rituals to Celebrate Transitions

Ceremonies & Rituals to Celebrate Transitions

Since the ancient times, we have celebrated life’s shifts, passages, accomplishments, changes and losses with rituals and ceremonies. These sacred events allow us to honor, acknowledge and celebrate while adding meaning, value and purpose to our lives. Rituals also give us the opportunity to incorporate ancestors and guides, ignite our life purpose and heal our inner child. There has been a longing for the celebration of rituals and ceremonies in communities of like-minded souls. 

Let us gather together – be held, supported, and loved. 

Let us rise up together. 

We offer:

  • Mother’s Blessing
  • Baby and Nursery Blessings
  • Menarche celebration of the first Moontime (menstrual cycle)
  • Red Tent – Sacred Gathering for Women
  • Womb Healing
  • Energetic Cord Cutting
  • Mother-Maiden-Crone
  • Bridal Blessings
  • Spiritual Union Ceremonies

Details about Ceremonies and Rituals can be found on our sister website: https://soulfulritual.com/all

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