Weight Management

Weight management

Managing our weight has become an increasingly important part of the modern lifestyle.

The burden of extra weight lies on our physical and emotional health and could have detrimental effects down the line if not addressed early.

At Lotus Wellness Center we focus on the doctor guided weight-loss system that incorporates both nutritional, emotional and physical tools.

We believe it is important to find the true cause of why a person was not successful in the past at losing weight and restoring their health.

After a full history is taken by the doctor a number of treatment strategies are discussed with the client and depending on the goals and timeline and the clients medical history a treatment plan is formulated.

Additionally, a protocol by Biotics corporation will help to detoxify the body at the same time as supply all the necessary proteins and micro nutrients in an easy to prepare twice daily shake. In addition to the shake, supplements will help to detoxify the body of previously consumed and retained toxins.

Another therapy that is very important and is used concurrently with the treatments outlined above is bodywork which will focus on reducing stress by illuminating pain and tightness using soft tissue manipulation and specific chiropractic alignment techniques. This will increase circulation and create a more balanced environment for weight loss and efficient communication between organ systems and the brain.

If you would like to learn more about counseling and the various treatments we provide, call 773-592-7227 to schedule a consultation.

Long-Term Solutions to Weight Management Challenges

If you’re struggling with your weight and you’re not sure what to try next, consider connecting with the Palatine, IL weight management services professionals at Lotus Wellness Center. It is all too easy for people to say, “Just fix your diet and move more.” In reality, losing weight is rarely a straightforward or easy undertaking. Due to the ways in which bodies function as they age, keeping weight off can be an even tougher battle than losing it in the first place. If you’re frustrated, you’re not alone.

You also don’t have to navigate a weight loss and/or weight management journey alone. We offer supportive and effective Palatine weight management services precisely because we understand how tough the processes of losing and maintaining weight can be and we have the tools to help.

Your Willpower Is Not the Problem

Do you frequently speak unkindly to yourself because you’re convinced that if you could simply exercise greater willpower, you’d have the healthy body you’ve wanted for some time now? It is a myth that all that stands between people and their goal weight is willpower. Willpower can only be cultivated and exercised effectively if other mental, emotional, and physical support systems are firing properly.

On the physical “side of things” you may be battling hormonal imbalance, illness, chronic inflammation, injuries, an unbalanced gut biome, and a host of other challenges that are preventing you from reaching and/or maintaining your goal weight. On the mental and emotional “side of things” you may be struggling with unprocessed trauma, a relationship to food and/or movement that you have yet to fully understand, and a variety of other hurdles that could hold you back even if all of your physical wellbeing was properly aligned.

At Lotus Wellness Center, we understand the complexities of weight loss and weight management challenges that are too often glossed over by other providers. Connect with us today to learn more about our resources and approaches. While no ethical services provider can guarantee an outcome, you’ll be able to rest easier knowing that we understand how to achieve healthy, manageable results that last.

Seeking Assistance Is a Sign of Strength

You may have been led to believe that you should “just exercise some self-control” or “just buy a Peloton” or “just stop eating sugar.” While a single lifestyle choice allows some individuals to lose weight and/or maintain weight effectively, this is very rarely the case. Seeking assistance from professionals can help to ensure that your unique challenges and needs are addressed in ways that manifest results.

Seeking assistance by exploring our Palatine weight management services isn’t a sign of weakness or an indication that you’re not a capable person. Making this effort is a sign that you value your health and are willing to turn to individuals who spend their lives helping others achieve results so that you can achieve the results you desire and deserve.