anxiety therapy Palatine, ILAnxiety Therapist Palatine, IL

If you want to free yourself from the cycle of anxiety attacks, working alongside an anxiety therapist in Palatine, IL who understands this issue might be the answer you are seeking.

Most people feel some amount of stress on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Stress is not necessarily bad, as stress in small quantities motivates us to turn in our school assignments, finish our work project on time, and meet other deadlines in life. However, when you are dealing with stress on a daily basis for the smallest of situations or seemingly for no reason at all, it may be time to see a Palatine, IL anxiety therapist. Unfortunately, because of the stigma that comes with seeking out help, many people will not see a therapist unless prompted by friends and family, and even then, they may feel embarrassed. It is extremely important for you to understand when your stress has become an overwhelming part of your life—or could lead to becoming an overwhelming part of your life—and when this is the case, seeking help from an anxiety therapist in Palatine, IL from Lotus Wellness Center could be the best decision you make. For more information, please reach out to someone from our office today.

Lotus Wellness Center has been helping clients with anxiety and panic attacks for many years. As an anxiety therapist, Lotus Wellness Center understands there are many different techniques, and not all are created equal. When you come to your session, you will find that the approach offered at Lotus Wellness Center utilizes the most effective skills that teach you how to end your panic attacks and manage your anxiety.

Struggling with Anxiety

Everyone experiences fear at some point in their life, but if you are like many others who struggle with anxiety, it may become the center focus of your life. You might constantly feel overwhelmed, nervous, or doubt any decision you make on a daily basis.

These feelings might come and go, or at times seem easier to cope with, but in the end, you might frequently feel defeated. You may be ready to find the person you were before the anxiety started to rule you.

You might have read countless self-help books, tried meditating with mobile apps, and even changed your diet, but have found that these are not providing you with the relief you need. Then you might have days where everything seems to be getting back to normal, and all of a sudden, the anxiety hits you and you feel like you’re life is spinning out of control. This is normal for people who have anxiety and it can be treated. Let’s see if we can make your anxiety better. Call an anxiety therapist today.

Do You Have Anxiety?

Perhaps you feel like your mind is not in the right place, but you’ve never been diagnosed with chronic anxiety. You might be experiencing:

  • Anxiety attacks that come from nowhere
  • Chronic irritability or muscle tension
  • Constant worry or stress
  • Anxiousess in social situations
  • Difficulty making small talk
  • Difficulty meeting new people
  • Specific fears, such as public speaking or taking public transportation
  • Unwanted thoughts or behaviors

If this sounds like you you may have anxiety, and you are not alone. According to recent studies, up to 18% of American adults have chronic anxiety, or anxiety that affects their daily life. An anxiety therapist in Palatine, IL can help you to stop this cycle and start living a healthier, more peaceful, and productive life. By having a Palatine, IL anxiety therapist on your side, you can learn how to:

  • Stop any panic attacks that you may be having because of the anxiety
  • Break free from social fears
  • Stop worrying
  • Feel comfortable with your decisions
  • Stop any compulsions or obsessions associated with the anxiety
  • Overcome fears
  • Live the life you really want

Signs It’s Time to see a Palatine, Illinois Anxiety Therapist

Even if you are not averse to seeing a therapist for your stress and anxiety, you may not believe that you really need to. Below are a few signs that can help you make the best decision for you.

  1. You’re Stuck in a Rut. When you feel like you are stuck doing the same thing over and over again with no end in sight, this can lead to stress and depression. Especially when you feel stuck in a place that you would rather not be in—whether it is a work situation or a relationship—you may feel like you have no other options. When you try to fix this on your own, it can be hard to get out of the cycle.
  2. You are Unable to Control Your Emotions. Everyone handles their emotions differently, and even if someone reacts to a situation with stronger emotions it does not mean they necessarily must need therapy. That said, if you no longer feel that you are in control of your own emotions—especially with anger or depression—seeking help from an anxiety therapist Palatine, IL residents trust can show you the best ways to deal with these emotions.
  3. You Choose to Relax With a Drink. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two after work or relaxing with your friends. But, if you begin reaching for a beer or other alcoholic beverage every time you feel anxious because it is seemingly the only thing that can relax you, this is a red flag that you are dependent on the wrong thing.
  4. You Get Anxiety or Panic Attacks. If you get anxiety or panic attacks, you likely know it is best to seek help from a clinical psychologist but may be choosing to ignore the need for one. While you may feel that you can handle them on your own, seeking help from a therapist can teach you coping mechanisms and how to read signs for these before they even happen.

An Anxiety Therapist in Palatine, IL Can Help You

Perhaps you were never taught how to soothe and relax an anxious mind. This is not your fault and might help you to make some sense on why you might not know what to do when your anxiousness overrides your other thoughts. As an Palatine, IL anxiety therapist, we want to help you to develop new habits that result in a decrease of anxiety. We would also like to show you how to respond to anxiety when it does occur and develop a practical plan that enables you to address stress, physical symptoms, and other hindrances that is attributed to the anxiety. For a consultation with an anxiety therapist in Palatine, IL, please call Lotus Wellness Center.