Depression Therapy Schaumburg IL

Depression Therapy Schaumburg IL

A person who is suffering from depression may feel as if they are the only way that feels this way, but the truth is that many people in Illinois and across the nation struggle with depression at one time or another. While it may be common, depression can also be a serious condition that impacts not only a person’s mental health, but also their physical health and in some situations can lead the person to consider suicide. If you or a loved one is struggling with depression, depression therapy Schaumburg IL patients recommend from Lotus Wellness Center can help.

How Common Is Depression?

According to national statistics, one in 10 adults in this country report they have had depression at one time or another. The majority of people who have depression have their first episodes of depression when they are in their late teens or early twenties. The symptoms of depression vary from person to person and can also depend on their age, gender, and even their culture. However, there are some symptoms that are very common:

  • The person may suffer from frequent bouts of sadness and crying
  • The person may feel worthless
  • The person may feel hopeless
  • The person may either sleep too much or does not get enough sleep
  • The person may often have feelings of anxiety
  • The person may often have feelings of anger
  • The person may have a hard time enjoying the activities they used to enjoy
  • The person may have difficulty concentrating
  • The person may suffer from unexplained physical issues, including headaches or muscle pain
  • The person may have changes in their eating habits
  • The person may have changes in their weight
  • The person may have thoughts of suicide

As a Schaumburg IL depression therapy counselor can explain, a person who is dealing with depression often has difficulty dealing with everyday stresses. It is not uncommon for even what should be the simplest of activities, such as getting up in the morning, showering, or dressing can feel overwhelming. Even when something good or happy happens, a person who has depression can even have a hard time being excited about those events.

Other emotions that a person who has depression often struggle with are irritation, anger, and shame, but these emotions can actually manifest as physical aches, pains, and nausea. Depression can also leave people feeling emotionally drained or numb, listless, with no energy.

A person can develop depression because of physical causes or circumstances in their lives. Multiple studies have shown that the brain’s chemistry can have a significant impact on a person developing depression. If the brain doesn’t make enough serotonin or dopamine – two chemicals that ensure our ability to feel happiness and ensure our well-being – the person can develop depression.

A traumatic event can also help cause a person to develop depression. Issues such as chronic illness, domestic violence, bullying, assault, divorce, and social isolation can all contribute to depression.

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