Key Questions to Ask a Prospective Therapist

When in the market for a good therapist, it is important to do your research. You will want to ensure that you find a professional who is experienced and credentialed. Once you have narrowed down your options, it will be important that you either speak with the therapist by phone or meet with them in person. You will want to make sure that the therapist feels like a good fit for both you and your partner. Here are some important questions to ask a prospective therapist when you speak with them:

What are their beliefs and values?
What is their experience?
What is their perspective on divorce and separation?
You will want to find out if they accept your insurance
What is their therapeutic approach?
What are your credentials?
What will happen at a typical therapy session?

Taking the time to ask a therapist questions about their beliefs and therapeutic practice will help when making a decision.

Signs You Should Call a Therapist

Relationship problems can impact all aspects of your life. You and your partner are supposed to support one another, love one another, and listen to one another. When this is missing, it can leave a person feeling lonely and lost. Here are some easy signs to identify when it may be time to seek counseling in Palatine, Illinois from a professional:

You and your partner are no longer communicating with each other.
When any type of communication involves some sort of argument, it may be a good idea to contact a therapist.
If you are constantly worried that communication will lead to an argument, or you are emotionally impacted in a negative way.
By cutting off communication with one another, you lack the ability to discuss any. problems in the relationship.
If you are considering an affair
If you are unable to see the way in which you are contributing negatively to the relationship.
Playing the blame game when everything is your partner’s fault.

There are a number of reasons to engage in couples counseling. Relationship issues are more common than most people realize. The sooner you and your partner take the plunge, the better chance you will have at repairing your relationship.

Coming to terms with the fact that you need to go to couples counseling can be a huge step in healing your relationship. Although it can seem scary at first, one of our dedicated counselors can walk you through issues you are having and determine what is causing them. It can be stressful and exhausting when you are not getting along with your partner. The impact can be widespread as it can have a serious impact on everyone living in your home, especially your children. We are dedicated to helping you and your partner build upon your strengths as a couple. Call the Lotus Wellness Center for IL counseling in Palatine today.

If you’re currently dealing with a mental health concern, it may be time to consider counseling in Palatine, IL. A licensed counselor will talk to you about your struggles in a private setting and help you come to terms with them. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about counseling.

How Can Counseling Help Me?

No matter what kind of mental health struggle you’re dealing with, talking to a professional counselor can be beneficial in many ways. He or she will listen closely to your concerns and help you identify your goals and reach them. Your counselor can also teach you healthy ways to cope with your struggles. For example, if you’re dealing with anxiety, your counselor might suggest meditating, engaging in physical exercise or writing in a journal.

How Is Counseling Different Than Just Talking to a Family Member or Friend?

When you’re struggling with your mental health, it can certainly be comforting to lean on a close family member or friend. However, it shouldn’t replace professional counseling. A licensed counselor has specialized training on how to help people with various mental health concerns and will provide a third-party perspective. If you just talk to your family and friends, they might just tell you what you want to hear to spare your feelings. Additionally, they might be judgmental (even if unintentionally) or won’t have the skills or expertise to offer a professional opinion. Instead, they could potentially offer advice that might make the issue worse, i.e., “you’re overthinking your situation” or “you just need to focus on other things.”

How Do I Know if Counseling Is Appropriate for Me?

Many people wonder if their struggles warrant speaking to a professional counselor. If you have been feeling very sad, anxious or have concerns about substance abuse, you may benefit from counseling in Palatine, IL. If you have recently experienced a loss or have been having difficulties in your relationships, you may also consider talking to a counselor. If you’re unsure that you could benefit from counseling, you can also always schedule a consultation or an initial counseling session. Our team can help you determine if counseling is an appropriate treatment and pair you with the right counselor.

How Should I Prepare for My First Counseling Session?

Before your first counseling session, you should think about what you want to achieve from it. For example, you may want to learn healthier ways to manage stress or how to stand up for yourself better. If you come in with clear goals, it will be easier for your counselor to help you. It’s also important to go into your counseling session with an open mind. Your counselor may provide suggestions that are out of your comfort zone. However, you might not be able to improve yourself if you never step out of your comfort zone. While your counselor will never force you to do or say anything that you’re uncomfortable with, stepping outside your comfort zone can be a crucial step. It may take some time for this to happen and don’t be upset if you’re unable to do so during your first session or if you need to take small steps at first.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

It can be hard to determine how many sessions you might need as every patient is different and requires different care. Additionally, some patients know clearly what they wish to achieve with counseling while other patients are unsure. During the first session, your therapist can help determine how many sessions you may need and make a recommendation. This may be a session a week for a set period of time or a session a week until it appears that progress is being made. For some patients only one or two sessions are necessary. Combined with other forms of treatment such as meditation, a healthier diet, journaling your experiences, etc., your counselor will help you set and/or meet your goals.

Counseling Services We Offer

We offer many counseling services in both English and Spanish and our team is here to help you deal with any issue you may have. There can be plenty of reasons why someone would seek counseling. Some issues may range from:

Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body dysphoria, etc.
Work or school-related stresses.
Dealing with a loss or other forms of grief.
Marriage, relationship, or family issues.
Behavioral problems for children, teens, and adults.
Hardships that are a result of immigration or legal issues.
Substance abuse.

Our team of highly qualified and non-judgmental counselors will help provide the necessary therapy you need. Whether you already have a good idea of the issues you need help with or are unsure, our team is here to assist. Our team comes from a variety of cultural backgrounds and will use their expertise as well as their own personal experiences to ensure you receive the proper treatment. We know that every patient is different and our team is able to modify their modes of communication and treatment to ensure each patient receives specialized care.

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