LGBTQ+ affirming practice

LGBTQ+ Affirming Counseling

At Lotus Wellness Center, our mission is to offer a safe, welcoming, affirming and healing space to encourage personal transformation and empowerment. We welcome all members of the LGBTQ+ community (all gender identities, sexual/erotic orientations, and relational models).

Our affirmative psychotherapists are skilled at addressing mental health concerns using evidence-based therapeutic techniques while integrating your unique experiences and challenges, utilizing a social justice and intersectional framework, as well as acknowledging systemic oppression and its impact on mental and physical health. We know the importance of feeling heard, understood, and the need to safely express, process and explore and are honored to walk along your healing journey of self-discovery and inner-growth.

Some ways we can help:

  1. Understanding/exploring the complexities of gender expression for those who are questioning
  2. Finding safety and acceptance in your life
  3. Exploring your unique life experiences and challenges
  4. Traversing romance, dating and interpersonal relationships
  5. Succeeding in adoption, surrogacy, and parenting
  6. Nurturing relationships with friends and family
  7. Overcoming depression, anxiety, trauma, and other concerns
  8. Systemic family therapy
  9. Navigating stigma, discrimination, and systemic barriers
  10. Incorporating mindfulness, guided meditations, spiritual and healing modalities (reiki energy healing, shamanic practices, yoga, hypnotherapy) when appropriate

Our goal is to help you heal and find balance in your life while learning techniques and coping strategies that can aid in helping you re-write your story and step into an authentic sense of self!