Concierge Chiropractic

Lotus Wellness Center now offers at-home treatment for the most common pains and aches including back pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, nerve pain, hand, elbow, and foot pain. We offer same-day service and come to your home and provide state of the art treatment without the need to visit our office. Our doctor will bring all the necessary equipment to safely complete your at-home chiropractic treatment visit and make you feel much better without the hassle of leaving your residence. Treatment modalities include massage, electric stimulation, heat, post isometric resistance stretching, therapeutic exercises, cupping, kinesiotaping, and chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments. 

The chiropractic physician will arrive at your house within a few hours of requesting the appointment. He will be wearing personal protective equipment that will protect you and himself. Everything is disinfected before and after each visit. The visit will begin with a consultation including history of present illness as well as a thorough physical evaluation. Then after the problem has been pinpointed a safe and effective treatment will be done in a timely manner. When treatment is complete the doctor will give post treatment instructions as well as a recommendation for further treatment if it is necessary. 

All questions will be answered, and a personal phone number will be provided for all future service requests and concerns. If there are referrals to other providers necessary for testing such as X-Ray, MRI or ultrasound then a referral will be provided.

Chiropractic has been shown to be very effective for many injuries of the human body both acute and chronic. When spinal and extraspinal manipulation is combined with soft tissue therapy the patient feels a feeling of relief and relaxation which leads to a pleasant and speedy recovery. The chiropractor will travel up to 60 miles in order to provide pain-relieving care to you and your loved ones. Chiropractic is a conservative therapy that should be tried before injections, pharmacology, or other more invasive treatments are used. It has a low rate of side effects and is considered a highly effective and safe treatment method for most aches, pains, and injuries. We do accept medical insurance for all in-office visits and can do a free verification via phone.

If you have any questions regarding this type of care please don’t hesitate to call Lotus Wellness Center or send us an email at