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You can get now help from a professional Anxiety Therapist is in Arlington Heights, IL. through the Lotus Wellness Center.

While a certain amount of stress is normal and can be motivating, and even add a bit of spice to your life, too much stress, the kind that turns into worry, fear, extreme nervousness, and similar symptoms, can get in your way. Stress that becomes debilitating or exhausting or any other symptom that tends to slow you down or stop you is known as anxiety and can prevent you from living your life to the fullest. In fact, according to the respected magazine, Scientific American, anxiety is on the rise here so if you suspect you’re suffering from over worry, nervousness or general angst describes you, it may help to know you are not alone.

People with anxiety may suffer from a variety of symptoms ranging from fear that comes on suddenly out of nowhere, to headaches and/or muscle pain. If your stress level never seems to lessen or to end, if you find yourself truly uncomfortable in normal social situations including meeting new people and making small talk, these responses may indicate a problem beyond typical being uncomfortable, a problem you may want to get help with solving. In fact, any fear or dread or panic that interferes with your life may a type of anxiety. Even fear or shame around consulting a therapist about your situation can be a symptom.

Working with an Anxiety Therapist who understands both your symptoms and how to treat them may help you learn to let go of your symptoms so you can become calm, confident, and more relaxed in your life. Fortunately, there are well-trained and effective professionals who specialize in working with and treating anxiety right here in Arlington Heights, IL. through the Lotus Wellness Center.

All sorts of people, regardless of age, gender, race or any other grouping can and often do suffer from anxiety. As hinted at above the term has become a catchall for many different types of unease and discomfort.

While fear is perhaps considered the most common cause or symptom, both physical and mental situations can also be part of anxiety. And other mental health issues, such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and more can be associated with the kind of stress that an Anxiety Therapist can help you with.

How Does Anxiety Affect You?

People experience anxiety every day, and an anxiety therapist in Arlington Heights, Illinois can help you overcome your personal challenges and deal with your anxiety in a healthy and productive manner. But despite how often we hear about anxiety, it’s difficult to emphasize the true extent of how anxiety can affect your life.

Oftentimes, people assume their anxiety is here to stay. Unfortunately, this becomes an unhealthy mindset that sticks with them and prevents them from living their best life. The real impact of anxiety is much more than the anxiety itself: It can affect personal relationships, your professional life, and even your ability carry out day-to-day activities.

If you’re experiencing anxiety, you shouldn’t just bury it, and you definitely shouldn’t roll over and accept it as a fact of life. Anxiety is debilitating, and it takes a lot of work to get past it. It’s important for you to take control of your life and take steps to deal with your anxiety healthily, and an anxiety therapist in Arlington Heights, IL can help.

Understanding anxiety is half the battle. Read on to learn more about the impact of anxiety in your life, and see how Lotus Wellness Center can improve your anxiety and help you live your best life.

The True Cost of Anxiety

You know the feeling: That sickening combination of stress, fear, and even panic that prevents you from doing what you love with the people you care about. Anxiety rears its ugly head in more ways than one, and that mix of fear and stress is just one way anxiety manifests itself. You may not be able to take care of daily tasks because they’re overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, and you may not even be able to leave the house and deal with other people out of anxiety as well.

Unfortunately, anxiety doesn’t just stop with you. It affects everyone around you – whether your loved ones are suffering from anxiety in their own lives or your anxious behavior is rubbing off on them. Unease, tension, fear, and panic are all difficult to cope with, especially if they come to the surface so often. Others might be able to empathize with how you feel, for better or for worse.

Anxiety is different for everyone, but it means missing out on a lot of what life has to offer. You may have to miss out on important celebrations or events just because your anxiety has left you paralyzed. And in serious cases, you may not even be able to leave your home. Overcoming anxiety is more than just a challenge – it can be a matter of survival for many people.

If you’re struggling with anxiety and letting it control your life, you can take the power back. Get in touch with Lotus Wellness Center today, and see how we can help.

Managing Anxiety “Primarily”

There are so many ways that individuals work to manage their anxiety. The exact same approach doesn’t usually work for one person in the same ways that it does for another. It is important to approach your work with an anxiety therapist Arlington Heights, IL residents trust with this simple truth in mind. If you have loved ones who have engaged in therapy as part of their anxiety management approach, you’ll want to avoid making assumptions about whether your experience will mirror theirs in any way. You may progress at a faster rate. You may progress at a slower rate. You may engage in different approaches and benefit from different techniques. Your therapy work will be your experience and yours alone.

Therapy is a “primary” way to treat anxiety. Meaning, that if you are coming to therapy specifically to manage your anxiety, concerns about managing your anxiety will likely be front and center much of the time as you utilize therapy as a resource. It is important to understand that most individuals who experience anxiety symptoms benefit from both “primary” and “secondary” anxiety management strategies.

Anxiety Management as Part of a Broader Wellness Approach

Embracing different anxiety management techniques in a secondary capacity can help you to develop an anxiety management practice that integrates into a broader wellness approach. For example, your Arlington Heights, IL anxiety therapist may ask you to keep a food diary for a few weeks and to ask you to see if you spot any patterns in re: when you start feeling anxious and/or start feeling anxiety relief based on what you eat and when. Armed with the information that this exercise produces, you can integrate your findings into a healthier approach to eating that will benefit your entire body.

Working with an Arlington Heights, IL anxiety therapist can help you to develop secondary anxiety management strategies that are primarily about living a healthier life but turn a keen eye towards how engagement in these behaviors in specific ways can facilitate management of your anxiety symptoms as well.

Growing as an Individual and as Part of Your Community

The process of investing your time and energy into therapy can be intimidating, especially when you don’t feel as if you have much (or any) time and energy to spare. However, keeping your “why” in mind during your first few sessions can be helpful. Over time, as you begin to experience the benefits of working with the knowledgeable Illinois healing team at Lotus Wellness Center, your “why” will be easier to nest in the forefront of your mind. However, as you navigate the first few sessions at our Center, you may want to have your “why” written on a piece of paper or projected into an object or piece of clothing that you can bring with you.

This kind of metaphorical talisman can remind you that when you’re uncomfortable during therapy, that discomfort is serving a purpose. And that purpose is, at least in part, to help you become healthier as an individual and as a member of your close-knit and wider communities.

Reach out to Lotus Wellness Center

When you need help with your anxiety, you can count on a qualified anxiety therapist to help you through your struggles. It’s difficult to take the first step, but fortunately, Lotus Wellness Center is ready to catch you. We’re ready to listen, because we know how anxiety can really impact a life – and we know that you have a life worth living to its fullest.

Don’t let anxiety get in the way of doing what you love. Reach out to Lotus Wellness Center today, and see how an anxiety therapist in Arlington Heights, IL can help you live the life you deserve to be living.

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