Liana Gerdov

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Liana Gerdov, CHT, LCPC, PSY.D.

Liana aims to create a safe and sacred therapeutic alliance oriented on meaning making and insight building. She aims to guide you to the roots of your issues, assist you in gaining a better understanding of self, provide you with appropriate coping skills, and foster insights that will help you make appropriate decisions and actions in your life. She will walk with you during your challenges, your dark nights, your initiations, your shadow work… and shine the light to illuminate your path, leading to a deeper intimacy of the individual self, profound healing and transformation.

She is passionate about exploring roots (of thoughts, actions, behaviors, choices) as they pertain to our lives as well as the greater external lens (family of origin, ancestors, culture, collective trauma and beyond). Liana often includes the therapeutic use of metaphors, archetypes, parts work, narrative and creative expression arts in helping clients navigate their internal and external landscape.

Areas of specialty

Liana is a Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Meditation instructor and a Reiki Master Practitioner. She incorporates traditional psychotherapy with integrative holistic methods such as clinical/spiritual hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation, life coaching, and Reiki & chakra energy healing whenever appropriate. She has significant experience working with teens and adults with anxiety, depression, trauma, women’s issues, self-esteem, grief/loss, chronic pain and sleep disorders.

Additional training

Psychotherapy oriented therapies

  • Clinical trauma professional training CCTP
  • Clinical hypnotherapy, including discrete, generational, and ancestral trauma
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) and parts work
  • Brainspotting L1
  • Creative expressive arts and movement therapy
  • Emotional focused individual and couples therapy
  • Gottman couples therapy L1
  • Grief and loss facilitation
  • Acceptance and Commitment therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy DBT
  • CBT-I for Insomnia and Sleep disorders

Spiritual and holistic oriented therapies

  • Heart-Centered and Eriksonian Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Akashic Records Facilitation
  • Shamanic Healing and Journeying Certification
  • Reiki Energy Healing – Master level
  • Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda practitioner