Relationship Counseling Palatine, IL

Relationship Counseling Palatine, IL

Relationship Counseling Palatine, ILDuring Relationship Counseling in Palatine, IL at Lotus Wellness Center, we may discuss how the ability to communicate properly with your spouse or significant other can have a key role in creating a successful and healthy relationship. If you are unable to open up and talk about how you feel, the relationship can suffer. Although communication is a vital part of each and every person’s life, there are no classes on how to communicate in school. Rather, we learn how to communicate from those around us. Therefore, if your parents or caregivers were not great at communicating, there is a good chance that you too might struggle with this ability.

It may be a relief to know that your lack of communication skills may not be your fault, nor does it make you a “bad” spouse, coworker, or friend. Actually, many people struggle to communicate in a way that is effective. Even a person who may be a good communicator with others, might fail to communicate in a positive way towards their children or spouse. The good news is that Relationship Counseling in Palatine, Illinois can help improve your communication.

How Your Relationship Can Suffer When Communication is a Problem
As a couples counselor, our clinic regularly meets with couples who struggle to communicate. In fact, a breakdown in communication is one of the foremost reasons why people schedule an appointment for Palatine Relationship Counseling. When these problems cannot be resolved, especially because the communication is not working, things can deteriorate quickly. For example, has there been a time in which you and your spouse got into an argument over something small, albeit insignificant? Rather than expressing your feelings in a conducive way, perhaps you raised your voice and became angry; thereby, causing an escalation in the situation? Most people have experienced a similar situation at one point or another in their life.

If you and your spouse are struggling to communicate, consider Illinois Relationship Counseling in Palatine from Lotus Wellness Center. Your counselor will carefully listen to each of your concerns and encourage a healthy, proactive dialogue that encourages solutions rather than arguments. A couples counselor does not judge or take sides. Rather, he or she will act as an unbiased third party who will guide the dialogue towards a resolution. Some areas of focus may encompass questions such as:

  • What are some of the indifferences you and your spouse are experiencing?
  • When one of you brings an issue to light, what happens?
  • Are there any specific issues with communication you’d particularly like to work on?
  • What are your goals?

After questions, such as those above, are discussed, your couples counselor may begin to promote a dialogue that includes various tools and techniques. Ultimately, you can learn how to:

  • Improve your communication
  • Learn how to listen better
  • Be more honest and open
  • Be understanding

Are You Ready to Improve Your Communication with Couples Counseling?
Couples counseling in Palatine, IL is one of the best ways to improve your communication with your spouse or significant other. If you would like to learn more about it, please call Lotus Wellness Center to book an appointment for Palatine Relationship Counseling in Illinois at your earliest convenience.

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