Marital Counseling Palatine, IL

Marital Counseling Palatine, ILMarital Counseling Palatine, IL

If you are in a marriage that feels like it is falling apart, you may need marital counseling Palatine, IL couples trust from Lotus Wellness Center. Perhaps you are wondering whether or not you can fix a failing relationship? Maybe you feel like you are the only who is trying, and if that’s the case, can you save a marriage?

As a couples counselor, it is safe to say that in most instances a couple will seek the help of couples counseling Palatine, IL residents rely on only when they reach the crisis stage. Usually once they are at this point in their marriage, there are copious amounts of distress, anger, and disappointment. The good news is that if a couple has chosen Palatine, Illinois marital counseling, they are looking for some sort of effective guidance from a third party – such as a counselor or therapist.

Sometimes, years of a contentious history has evolved into resentment and a host of other negative emotions that need to be addressed and worked through. In other situations, discovering an affair or a secret has led to an ultimate crisis. Whatever the reason might be to seek Palatine, IL marital counseling, it is certain that ideally both people will be committed and dedicated to the process. It should be noted that in some situations, only one person is committed to the counseling. Even in this case, our counselors will work hard to address issues, resolve conflict, and improve communication. Rest assured, we have seen first hand that couples who are on the brink of a divorce have turned things around and improved their relationship through marital counseling Palatine, IL couples trust.

That said, if you are finding yourself in a difficult period and you are wondering whether your relationship can be saved, our short answer would be yes. Here are some considerations to follow up with.

Do You Believe There is Something Worth Fighting For?

In general it is easier to produce a list of negative qualities associated with a partner than those which are positive. The same is true for behaviors that cause annoyance, irritation, or distress. It is very easy to forgot the positive aspects of a partner, and most likely, the traits that attracted you to them in the first place. By focusing your mental and emotional effort on the positive traits, you can automatically highlight some of the reasons to fight for your relationship.

Some Reasons You Might Choose to Fight For Your Relationship

  • Children
  • Extended Family
  • Financial Reasons
  • Societal or Community Purposes
  • Religious Purposes

Do You Believe This Period Will Pass?

Take a moment to decide whether or not your thoughts of saving or ending a relationship are due to a rough period or chronic distress and upset. If you believe your feelings are circumstantial and could change when the circumstances change, then Palatine, IL marital counseling combined with patience and self care could be enough to save your relationship.

Think About How You Might Feel If You Decide to End the Relationship

If you are seriously considering leaving your spouse, you should think about how it would be without them. This is especially true if you have been in the relationship for a considerable period of time. Imagine your life, daily routine, activities, and so forth. By doing so, you may be better able to make a mindful decision that is sound rather than rash.

Whether you are in doubt about saving your relationship or on the verge of a divorce, trust that marital counseling in Palatine, IL at Lotus Wellness Center can help get you through this tough period.

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