Past Life Regression Therapy

Do you have emotional, mental or physical challenges that seem to linger despite years of treatment? Do you have recurring dreams or nightmares? Certain phobias or fears that have been present from childhood? Have intense grief experiences after the loss of a loved one? Have strong connections to certain people or places?

Past life regression therapy (and any type of hypnosis) is a very safe, noninvasive process in which your body and mind can go into a relaxed, focused concentration in order to explore the subconscious mind. This relaxed, focused concentration is similar to meditative trance in which we go into many times during the day (when you drive and get to your destination without remembering how you got there; when you dose off while watching a movie; or get completely engrossed in a book while sitting in a busy coffee shop). It is a completely natural state. During all types of hypnotherapy, you are always in control- you are always free to open your eyes, speak or refrain from speaking, and can end the session at any time. During your past life regression therapy session, you will be aware of the entirety of the interaction and experience. Sessions can also be recorded if asked by the client.

The subconscious mind is a storehouse of information, just like a computer drive. It stores all of the memories, information, experiences, behaviors, and habits from this lifetime and all of your past lives. If, for instance, you have a phobia that has no known origin in this lifetime, it may be linked to a past life experience.

The most challenging aspect of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is quieting the conscious, or logical/reasoning mind. The conscious mind takes the internal and external environment and attempts to make sense of it using all five human senses. The conscious mind is the gatekeeper for the mind. If someone tries to present you with a belief or information that does not match your belief system, your conscious mind will filter this input and can thus overrule the suggestions of hypnosis. It is a powerful protective tool to shield you from information that can hinder your growth and development. As you see, you are always in control and there is nothing a hypnotherapist can suggest that is not in your best interest.

The purpose of past life regression therapy is to reveal and explore emotional and physical blockages, fears, patterns and trauma that hold you back from living your life today. You may discover your purpose or guidance in current relationships with others. You will receive healing and guidance and a deeper appreciation and meaning in your life.

Suggestions prior to session:

  • Wear comfortable clothing, preferably nothing that covers the throat (turtle necks, hoodies, or heavy necklaces)
  • Make sure to eat, have some water and use the restroom prior to the session
  • Clients often report that having 24 hours of light eating or fasting prior to the session can be helpful
  • journal and bring in the following information: why do you wish to explore your past life(s)? what questions are you seeking answers to? what patterns do you wish to shift in this present life?
  • Come into the session willing to be a blank slate. Our subconscious mind has the ability to open up a world of unknowns but it also has the ability to know when we are ready to hear the answers. Do not come into the session expecting to find out about a past life, but instead come in as an open book, ready for wherever your inner journey takes you. Past life regression does not always occur in the first session and requires a certain level of physical and mental relaxation. Clients who have a daily meditation and breathwork practice will have quicker outcomes. It may be beneficial to come in for an initial session that involves background information gathering, breath work training, and guided meditation. This will be recorded and sent to you to practice as many times as possible for at least a week prior to your past life regression therapy session.

Costs of sessions:

Introduction session

Background information gathering, breath work, and guided meditation. Includes basic numerology reading including your life path number and its meaning, karmic lessons and debts.

1-hour session – $150

Past Life Regression Therapy Session

2-hour exploration session – $250