At lotus wellness center we are very interested in helping people decrease and overcome their discomforts including pain. There are many reasons why pain exists however proper management of pain can speed up recovery and help to minimize the chance of the pain returning at a later time. For acute pain that is a result of recent trauma, deconditioning or bad posture we have therapies including chiropractic manipulative therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and electric stimulation as well as light therapy and medical massage. We also teach people exercises aimed at balancing out the overly tight muscles and weak loose ones. Chronic pain can have many reasons as well including failed therapy, surgery, repetitive injury or serious previous trauma. We can treat this pain using similar therapies as we use for acute pain in addition to essential oils, pain relieving topical medicine, kinesiotaping, supplementation to reduce inflammation and hypnotherapy. Given the right combination of modalities some people feel much better after the first visit and can be on their way to complete recovery so that they can get back to doing everything that is important to them.

Palatine Pain Management FAQs

Are you experiencing chronic pain and looking for Palatine, IL pain management options? If so, then you may have a lot of questions about the treatments available. We’ve put together some of the most common questions about pain management below; check out  the types of therapies used, the benefits of pain management, and more! Then, contact Lotus Wellness Center to schedule an appointment.

What Types of Therapies Are Used?

We specialize in helping those suffering from chronic pain. Our team of medical professionals offers a variety of therapies that can help manage and even eliminate your pain. We focus on natural, non-invasive treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, and stretching. Our team is committed to identifying the root cause of your pain and providing you with tailored treatment that best fits your needs. We strive to provide a holistic approach to addressing your chronic pain, working to restore your body’s natural balance and help you gain greater mobility and improved quality of life.

How Often Will I Need to Come in?

The frequency of visits will depend on your individual needs. During your first visit, your care provider will assess your condition and suggest a treatment plan that works best for you. This plan may require regular visits every few weeks, or it may involve maintenance visits every few months. Your care team will be able to provide you with a specific timeline of appointments and make any adjustments if necessary. Pain management is often an ongoing process, so it’s important to stick to your treatment plan in order to find lasting relief.

How Will I Know if the Therapy Is Working?

When it comes to determining if the pain management therapies you’re receiving are successful, it’s important to discuss your progress with your care team. They will monitor your response to the treatment and will be able to provide feedback on how it’s impacting your pain levels. Tracking your progress can help you identify which treatments are most effective for managing your pain. It’s important to be honest with yourself and your care team about what is or isn’t working for you. That way, your Palatine pain management care team can adjust the plan and make sure that you’re receiving the best possible care.

Are There Any Side Effects?

When it comes to pain management therapies, there are usually some minor side effects associated with them. Depending on the type of treatment and individual, these can range from temporary discomfort to more serious long-term problems. Some of the common side effects associated with pain management treatments include fatigue, swelling, bruising, soreness, or tingling sensations. If you experience any of these symptoms after a treatment session, you should talk to your doctor right away. It’s important to be honest about any side effects that you experience so that your doctor can assess the situation and make changes to the treatment if necessary.

What Should I Expect During My First Visit?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best approach for managing your pain. Your medical history, a physical examination and any necessary imaging tests will be reviewed to provide an accurate diagnosis and develop an individualized treatment plan. During the initial visit, you may also discuss the various therapy options available to you, such as physical therapy, exercise, medications, or injections. Your care provider may recommend lifestyle changes or other alternative therapies. It is important to ask questions and share any concerns you may have during your first visit so that you understand all of your treatment options and can make informed decisions about your care.

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