Smoking Cessation Palatine, IL

Smoking Cessation

Our four-week innovative approach is all about breaking nicotine habits and resisting the urge to smoke. It will help you identify triggers and manage stress to curb cravings. It will also aid and avoiding weight gain behaviors on your smoke-free journey.

Utilizing very effective hypnotherapy techniques we will help you break old habits as well as create new healthy ones. Instead of utilizing external chemical modifying patches or drugs that have side effects and contain unhealthy ingredients, we will utilize the power of the mind to increase your willpower and decrease the pull that the cigarette and nicotine have to stop you from quitting. This method has been used for many years and can be extremely effective as long as you want to quit today. It consists of 4 sessions that put you in a deep, relaxed state and change how your mind views smoking. For those people that are ready and willing to quit smoking this therapy is truly a magic bullet that puts the power of truly quitting in your hands. If you are ready to quit and need some help, please don’t hesitate and call us today. Smoking is associated with many respiratory, cardiovascular, and oncologic disorders so don’t wait another day and try our doctor-assisted hypnotherapy smoking cessation program.

At Lotus Wellness Center we can provide the treatment you need, contact us to for a consultation with a specialist in Smoking Cessation Palatine, IL patients trust.

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