Migraine Care Palatine, IL


Migraines are very common and can be extremely difficult to treat especially if the underlying cause is not addressed.

Many people suffering from migraines have to miss many days of work or school and take very powerful medication that makes them feel terrible.

Thankfully, there are natural ways to address migraines and other types of headaches.

When You’ve Tried Everything

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to manage your pain and you’re still struggling, it may be time to explore migraine care Palatine, IL patients benefit from. There is no question that some migraine patients respond well to pharmaceuticals. But many others don’t and still others use drugs when they need to but prefer to avoid intense side effects when they can. When you feel like you’ve either tried every traditional approach to migraine management but you’re still suffering or you’d like to reduce your dependency on migraine medications, consider connecting with the dedicated team at The Lotus Wellness Center. We provide a variety of migraine care services that may help you manage your symptoms, triggers, and underlying conditions.

What Are Migraines?

Before you explore the potential benefits of Palatine migraine care services, it’s a good idea to confirm that you’re suffering from migraines and not other types of intense headaches. Regardless of the kinds of headaches you suffer from, our team can identify which services are most likely to provide you with relief and the opportunity to manage your challenges effectively. We just want to make sure that we’re directing you to the best services for your unique headache type(s).

Migraines tend to cause throbbing or pulsing pain. Although some patients experience visual cues known as an “aura” prior to the onset of a migraine, this warning isn’t an occurrence for all sufferers. Some individuals are only triggered on one side of the head, while others experience pain on both sides. Many patients report feeling nauseous and very sensitive to sound and/or light either when a migraine is coming on or while they are struggling through a full-blown migraine episode. When migraines aren’t managed at the onset, they can last anywhere from hours to days and can be debilitating.

Managing All Phases of Migraine Suffering

Many individuals who don’t suffer from migraines are surprised to learn that sufferers may experience symptoms in the hours (and even days) leading up to an attack, during an attack, and after migraine pain has subsided. At Lotus Wellness Center, we understand that Palatine migraine care services are incomplete if they only target what a patient is feeling during the middle of an attack. By providing support and care tailored to pre-attack and post-attack symptoms, we can help the body to mitigate the cycle of migraine pain that many patients suffer and help to make a migraine condition more manageable overall.

For example, experiencing the benefits of a massage when you feel the pre-attack symptoms of a migraine starting to build may allow you to avoid experiencing a migraine at all because your body will be relaxed enough to keep certain triggers at bay. Conversely, experiencing a massage in the aftermath of a migraine may allow you to relax to the point wherein a migraine cycle is broken. As a result, you may not experience a migraine again for some time because you’ve interrupted a trigger feedback loop.

Migraine Care Approaches

At Lotus Wellness Center we combine hypnosis and meditation with chiropractic and massage therapy in order to help the body heal and overcome the pain and suffering of a migraine. Realigning the spine and massaging extremely tight muscles around the neck and head can have a very positive effect on stopping future migraines.

Ergonomics can have a very important role in triggering migraines since people are usually at work for at least 8 hours and if those hours are spent in a compromised posture then a migraine is a common result. Addressing this cause is usually simple and can be done by bringing a picture of your workplace from 2 or 3 angles with you to your visit. A doctor will then suggest changes that will make working less stressful and will thus decrease the physical damage done to the spine and thus eliminate the migraines.

Learning and practicing somatic meditation could help put one in a relaxed state which will in turn reduce strain of the neck muscles that are involved in creating the headache in the first place. Hypnotherapy is helpful in addressing underlying issues/ stressors that may be deeply rooted and lead the body to express in physical form via migraines. In addition, evaluation of diet is sometimes necessary in order to rule out triggering foods and food allergies.

There are supplements that are safe and effective at reducing the intensity and frequency of migraines. We can help determine which supplements will help and put together a safe and effective treatment plan for successful migraine elimination.

Learning to manage both physical and emotional stress can decrease the intensity and frequency of migraines substantially. We are happy to do an evaluation and put together a custom plan to help you with your migraines today.

At Lotus Wellness Center we can provide the treatment you need, contact us for a consultation with a specialist in Migraine Care Palatine, IL patients trust.

5 Ways to Reduce Migraine Symptoms

A migraine can be debilitating, and if you are someone who experiences it constantly in a month, it can be difficult to go through your everyday life, and you may want to consider migraine care Palatine, IL residents can access. They are a particularly intense type of headache that is characterized by a throbbing pain.  Migraines can be triggered by several things, such as stress, harsh light, loud noises, and strong smells. If you have tried many remedies to manage your chronic migraines, there are some effective things you can do to minimize the severity of your symptoms. 

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapists are health professionals who specialize in movement and are trained in a variety of skills such as diagnosing injuries and disorders that restrict mobility and function in the body. If you have migraines, a physical therapist can develop a treatment plan that addresses the underlying cause of your migraines. They might recommend that you do exercises that improve your posture and relax the muscles in your neck, back and shoulders. Such exercises help to reduce tension and relieve pressure off nerves that can be causing your symptoms. 

Chiropractic Care 

Many people see a chiropractor to seek relief from migraines. Spinal adjustments are one of the most common treatments for migraines because they help improve alignment of the spine, as a Palatine migraine care professional can explain. Chiropractic care focuses on finding the areas of the body where there is a lot of pressure. If there is too much pressure on the spine and the nerves along it, migraines can be triggered. Careful and targeted adjustments relieve the excessive tension. 

Breathing Exercises

Practicing deep breathing is a natural and simple way to reduce migraine pain. Taking deep breaths relaxes the muscles in the entire body and mitigates stress. The large intake of oxygen goes into the brain, which minimizes inflammation, pressure, and pulsing pain. Meditation can be helpful to manage migraine systemptoms, so it is a good idea to include it as part of your everyday routine if you suffer from frequent migraines. 

Cold Therapy 

For many people who suffer from migraines, cold therapy is a highly effective natural remedy. Using a cold compress or ice roller can significantly reduce migraine symptoms. The cold helps to reduce blood flow and excess pressure that is causing pain. It makes the blood vessels smaller, reducing the pain signals sent to the brain. Using cold compresses help to provide pain relief from mild to moderate migraines. 

Therapeutic Massage 

Massage has numerous benefits for people who experience constant migraines. Therapeutic massage is beneficial for the entire body. When the muscles are massaged, the blood flow is controlled and restricted, minimizing the pressure and pain. Tension is released from the muscles, making the body more relaxed. When patients are in a relaxed state, they can better control their breathing and increase the amount of oxygen they inhale. 

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