Digital Detox Treatment Palatine, IL

Becoming More Present Through A Digital Detox

If you are seeking to cut down your screen time, our Palatine, IL digital detox treatment may be right for you. In an increasingly technological world, it can be easy to fall into the trap of spending endless time on your phone or laptop, scrolling through social media or spending time on the internet. Technology and the internet are not inherently bad, but if their use is not checked, it can have harmful mental, physical, and social effects. To discover how our digital detox treatment can help you limit your use of devices, contact the Lotus Wellness Center today to schedule an appointment.

The Harmful Effects Of Excessive Technology Use

Studies have shown that excessive use of technology can have many adverse effects on physical and mental health as well as social behavior. Excessive technology use has been shown to increase attention-deficit symptoms, harm emotional and social intelligence, increase addiction to technology and social isolation, impair brain development, and disturb sleep patterns. Excessive time spent using digital devices is time that takes away from social activity, physical activity and exercise, mental stimulation, sleep, and other positive behaviors and activities. There are many positive applications for technology, the internet, and social media, but if you believe that your overuse of technology has impacted your social life, health, relationships, or work, then a Palatine digital detox treatment may be right for you.

What Is A Digital Detox Treatment?

Our digital detox specialist can help you work through the process of cutting down your use of technology. We know that this is not an easy task. Together, we will discover a plan that works best for you and helps you reach the goals that you wish to. Cutting technology out all together is not realistic, nor is it necessary, but coming up with a detailed plan to limit overuse of technology can be a healthy way to improve your quality of life.

There are many methods to undergoing a digital detox. Actively scheduling time away from your phone and other devices, taking technology breaks, downgrading your phone, having a set time during the evening to turn your phone off and put it away, adjusting your phone settings to limit particularly addictive apps, and creating limits on areas where you use your phone can all be beneficial methods of cutting down your screen time. Discussing your situation with our Palatine digital detox treatment specialist can help you understand the best methods for you to utilize in pursuit of a digital detox.

Receiving Professional Assistance With A Digital Detox

Deciding to undergo a digital detox is a crucial first step towards reducing the use of technology, but taking the next step of actually doing so can be difficult. Our digital detox specialist can help you understand how to undergo a digital detox, determine a plan that works for you, and help keep you accountable on your digital detox journey. If you think that a digital detox treatment is right for you, contact our team at the Lotus Wellness Center today to schedule an appointment.

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