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If you know or suspect that you suffer from anxiety, it’s important to know that you can now get help from a professional Anxiety Therapist in Barrington, IL. at the Lotus Wellness Center which is known as a healing space for your emotional, psychological, behavioral, physical and spiritual needs.

Of course, we all experience some stress from time to time. It isn’t always a problem for it can actually make your life richer and help you get things done. When, however, that stress takes a form that prevents you from enjoying your life as you should you may be suffering from anxiety.

Stress that becomes debilitating or exhausting or creates any other symptom that tends to slow you down or stop you is known as anxiety and it can prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Anxiety can stop you in your tracks. It can happen slowly over time or seem to arrive suddenly. Often you have no real idea why you feel so down and discouraged.

Anxiety symptoms can include excess worry, feelings of fear for no cause, extreme nervousness, or other negative feelings that get in your way. It can increase your tendency toward anger or even rage, or, contrarily prevent you from responding at all. You may find yourself rejecting loved ones, including friends and family Another set of symptoms may involve your reluctance or even refusal to participate in normal activities, even those you used to enjoy.

It may surprise you to know that according to Scientific American, a well-respected magazine, anxiety is on the rise so if you suspect you’re suffering from over-worry, nervousness or general angst, it may help to know you are not alone. You may also find it reassuring to know help is available.

You need to know too that all sorts of people, regardless of age, gender, profession, family situation, income, race or other grouping suffer from anxiety. And all sorts of people can recover.

Fortunately working with the right Anxiety Therapist can make a huge, positive difference for you. A real pro in this field will not only understand what you’re feeling but will help you let go of your fears and chronic upsets so you can live a normal life, full of the confidence and comfort that you deserve. We have qualified professionals here at the Lotus Wellness Center in Barrington, IL.

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We look forward to helping you decide if what we offer is right for you. We’ll also help you understand exactly what you can expect in the beginning and as our work together progresses. When you’re feeling the need for anxiety therapy you can find a professional to help you at the  Lotus Wellness Center in Barrington, IL today.

Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are closely related, and when you contact an anxiety therapist in Barrington, Illinois, you can finally make a breakthrough to effectively manage these two major issues in your life. While it’s important to know how you can keep your anxiety in check, it’s oftentimes caused by excess stress, and keeping that stress in check in the first place can do wonders for your anxiety later on down the line.

Stress is something we all deal with, but our coping mechanisms are different from person to person. Unfortunately, if it’s left unchecked, your stress can become a major problem. Read on to learn more about the negative impact of stress, and see how an anxiety therapist in Barrington, IL can help you manage your stress for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The Impact of Stress

It’s no secret that stress can make your life miserable. If you’re dealing with stress at work, school, or even just day-to-day life, it starts to control you. It’s important to remember that you have stress, but stress doesn’t have you – and it’s important to recognize the signs that you’re letting stress control your life.

Left unchecked, excess stress can cause headaches, and a much more. Stress headaches are a pain, but stress can cause other physical issues such as muscle and joint pain. You may have noticed more tension in your muscles as a result of being overworked or just overwhelmed by that growing to-do list, but the impact of stress doesn’t stop there.

If you’re not managing your stress, you’re opening yourself up to mental health issues such as anxiety and insomnia. Stress has the potential to cause a lifelong strain on your mental health, and this can manifest itself as depression and panic disorders that stay with you even long after the stressors have been removed from your life.

Stress can affect how you live your life, and you may even miss out on important or special events just because you can’t add one more thing to your already full calendar. You may not have the energy to deal with anything else on your plate, and the prospect of attending a wedding, party, or even just a get-together with friends can send you spiraling down a hole of stress-induced frustration and anxiety.

Life doesn’t have to be so complicated. Fortunately, you can contact Lotus Wellness Center to manage your stress and anxiety before it starts managing you.

Self-Care Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

If you suffer from anxiety, your symptoms can affect every area of your life from your work to your relationships to your self esteem. As a result, it is important to understand that seeking support to manage your anxiety is genuine self-care. And as any qualified anxiety therapist Barrington, IL residents trust will tell you, genuine self-care is a necessity, not a luxury.

In the Aaron Sorkin drama “The West Wing,” President Josiah Bartlet tells his therapist, “I don’t like the word “stress.” It’s a Madison Avenue word. It’s something that can be cured with flavored coffee and bath bubbles.” Yet, by the end of the episode, the president has a much greater appreciation for the reality that even though he doesn’t like his perception of what stress means, he feels stress, and when he doesn’t take enough care to manage it, it comes out sideways. Anxiety is a lot like stress in this way. People who feel anxious generally judge themselves for feeling anxiety and, partially as a result, when they don’t take enough care to manage it, it comes out sideways.

Thankfully, you don’t have to manage your anxiety alone. Working with a reputable Barrington, IL anxiety therapist can help you to successfully manage your anxiety. This way, you’ll get to finally live in a world wherein it isn’t your anxiety managing you.

Helping to Feel “Like Yourself”

Sometimes, being anxious to a certain degree or for a certain length of time can get to the point wherein individuals start to feel like constant anxiety is their “new normal.” Given enough time, they may struggle to remember what it felt like to NOT be anxious at all times… especially if they were anxious kids. One of the ways in which a Barrington, IL anxiety therapist can help you involves discovering what it feels to be “like yourself” without anxiety. When anxiety starts to feel normal, it can be hard to let go of, even if you are craving a world with less of it. Working with someone who understands how to allow you to let go of your anxiety safely can make all the difference in the world to the pursuit of discovering who you are without anxiety as your constant companion.

Therapy Can Beneficially Impact Your Relationships and Interests

If you suffer from anxiety with any kind of regularity, chances are that it is affecting your experience of the world in ways that you may not be able to clearly perceive. As a result, seeking help with managing your anxiety can broaden your experience in ways you can only imagine at present. For example, managing your anxiety can help to improve your relationships, from those that you treasure to those that may be worth letting go of. Similarly, you may find that you have deepened or new interests that arise as your treatment progresses. Working with an experienced Illinois healing team at Lotus Wellness Center can open up the world and can allow you to feel reasonably safe in it as it does.

Get in Touch with Lotus Wellness Center Today

At Lotus Wellness Center, we understand stress, and we understand anxiety. We know the two are oftentimes closely related, and by managing one you can more effectively manage the other. Managing your stress and anxiety takes several steps and lots of patience – as well as a helping hand and listening ear that can help you through your challenges.

Your anxiety and stress don’t have to keep you from living your best life. Instead of giving up and falling victim to a chaotic schedule, take some time to breathe. Schedule an appointment with a stress and anxiety therapist in Barrington, IL, and see how Lotus Wellness Center can help.