3 Reasons For Counseling

Counseling Schaumburg County, IL

Counseling Schaumburg County, IL

If you or a loved one are in need of professional, licensed counseling, contact Lotus Wellness Center today and start your journey toward positive mental health.

There are many reasons why counseling is beneficial for those struggling with their mental, emotional, and behavioral health. The following are three of the most common reasons for counseling.

Counseling offers clients a safe, judgment-free environment where they can feel free to share their thoughts, experiences, and emotions with a licensed counselor. Clients should rest assured that their sessions are a confidential space, and what they talk about will be valued, and remain private. The client and counselor relationship is important within the healing process of therapy. If a client feels as though they cannot trust their counselor, or if they do not feel comfortable vulnerably sharing with them, it may be best to find another counselor. Much like patients receive second or third opinions from their medical professionals regarding a diagnosis or treatment, so should clients seek out a counselor with which they feel safe. With every session, clients should not feel forced to divulge information but should wait until they feel ready to communicate. Counseling is based on the client’s pace, their willingness to share, and the goals they wish to attain. In order for positive growth in mental, emotional, and behavioral health, honesty and trust are critical.

If you have tried counseling in the past and did not experience any positive outcomes, do not be afraid to try a different type of counseling, or a new counselor. Some clients are turned off from counseling based upon a distasteful experience, or a negative connotation regarding mental health depicted in society. Different therapy types may be beneficial for clients wanting to try something else to improve their mental health. For example, counseling sessions may use a variety of methods including solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, strength-based perspective therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. If you are searching for one of these methods of therapy contact counseling in Schaumburg and let a licensed counselor help.

Committing to counseling is a wise investment of your time and energy. This courageous act not only will benefit you but those in your life as well. Support comes in many different forms, and each and every person may benefit from the support that derives from counseling. Just as an injured person would seek out medical attention for a broken foot, so should someone suffering from a mental, emotional or behavioral problem. Unfortunately, some feel shame or stigma attached to seeking out professional help from counseling. There is no shame in fighting for health in all areas of life and striving to be the best version of yourself for yourself, and those you love. If you are experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, depression, addiction, anger, eating disorders, trauma, or PTSD contact a counselor today. Counseling aids in more than just those ailments, but many other fears, worries, illnesses, and diagnoses as well. Invest in yourself, and your mental health by seeking out a counselor today.