FAQs Regarding Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor Palatine, IL

Chiropractor Palatine, IL

If you or a loved one is needing relief from pain, seek out help from the chiropractic team at Lotus Wellness Center clients trust to provide professional treatment and care.

What areas of the body require the most adjustment?

Most patients seek out chiropractic treatment to experience pain relief from specific areas of their bodies. Chiropractic treatment is unique in that it targets the area where patients need relief. When the body is properly adjusted and aligned, the body can function properly, healing can take place, and mobility may increase. While there are many other areas that a patient may need the professional treatment of a chiropractor, the most common ailments include back pain, neck problems, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, headaches, sciatica, respiratory issues, and fibromyalgia.

What does chiropractic treatment look like for patients?

When a patient comes in for their first initial consult with a chiropractor, they will share any pain they may be facing, a recent accident or injury, or concerns they have regarding their mobility or alignment. After administering an exam, and gathering family and medical history, the chiropractor may share what they believe the underlining issue may be. The chiropractor will recommend a specific type of treatment, duration, and goals they would like the patient to reach. If the patient consents, then the following chiropractic visits would follow that treatment plan. Before adjusting a patient, a chiropractor may first try to loosen the muscles by massaging targeted back areas of the patient’s back. This will aid in the patient’s joints as they effectively respond to being adjusted and realigned. Patients often need adjustment for their shoulders, ankles, knees, wrists, neck, lower back, hips, arms, elbows, and upper back. Since every patient is unique in their alignment, their treatment should be specific to their needs. Some patients will benefit from only a few chiropractic visits, while others with more severe ailments and illnesses will need long-term chiropractic care to manage their pain, and realign their bodies.

Why should patients seek treatment from a chiropractor?

While there are various types of treatments available to patients, few are as low-risk as chiropractic care. For example, if a patient chooses to seek relief from their pain through prescription drugs, they should carefully weigh the pros and cons before starting. Although prescription drugs can provide temporary, short-term pain relief, they may be risky for some patients. As time passes, patients using prescription drugs as a means of pain relief may need to increase their dosage as their bodies adjust to the medication. Prescription drugs are known to cause negative side effects for those taking them and could be potentially habit-forming. Instead of medicating the pain, those suffering from ailments or illnesses should seek chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic adjustments are a drug-free, low-risk treatment option for those who want to fix the root of their pain problem. By targeting the source of the pain, and realigning the body, patients experience long-lasting relief from their pain. Don’t struggle through chronic pain alone, but allow a chiropractor in Palatine, IL help you in your journey towards a pain-free, healthy lifestyle.