SALUTE INC. Celebrated 20th Anniversary

SALUTE INC. Celebrated 20th Anniversary

Early in February, SALUTE INC. celebrated its 20th anniversary of raising and distributing funds for military families that needed them the most. Established in 2003 by Naval Reservist Will Beiersdorf and his wife after he served for a year in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the non-profit has raised over $6.6 million in funds to support injured military members and their families.


Despite growing in size, SALUTE INC. keeps to its grassroots and is managed out of Palatine, IL. However, the non-profit has partnered with many healthcare organizations throughout the area, including UCLA Health, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, and Emory Healthcare.


Some of the biggest obstacles veterans and their families face are financial, as many treatment programs require veterans to move to another city or miss work for the treatment plan for two weeks or longer. The objectives of SALUTE INC. aren’t to pay for any specific treatment plans or options but to help cover expenses like groceries and rent for their clients.


The non-profit works with many donors and raises money through activities like its charity golf tournaments and their Memorial Day weekend 5K/10K runs.


Unfortunately, many veterans can return with not just physical health issues but mental health concerns as well. Many veterans suffer from PTSD and may find it hard readapting to society. In turn, these struggles can manifest in them having difficulty holding a job or connecting with their loved ones. In turn, these problems can also cause stress for their family members.


One way people may cope with stress or mental health concerns is by developing an eating disorder. Eating disorders can vary but can include actions like overeating, a person starving themselves, only eating certain foods, binge eating, having intense fears of being overweight, constantly weighing themselves, and more.


At Lotus Wellness Center, our therapists help our patients get through or manage an eating disorder. The steps we take to help a patient deal with an eating disorder are:


  • Identifying the cause or triggers behind the disorder, such as mental, emotional, or behavioral problems.
  • Properly diagnosing the type of eating disorder a patient has.
  • Carefully structuring a plan that includes frequent therapy sessions.
  • Assist a patient in understanding why they have their condition.
  • Learn a patient’s only personal desires and goals and modify their treatment plan to meet those goals.
  • Carefully observing a patient’s progress and making adjustments to their treatment plan if necessary.


Our team of compassionate therapists in Palatine, IL, strive to help our patients overcome any obstacles affecting their personal or work life. Eating disorders can manifest for various reasons and, like in the example of war, can be a traumatic event. Other events that can cause PTSD or PTSD-like symptoms are car accidents, bullying, abusive relationships, and more. However, help is available, and our non-judgemental crew can provide the treatment a person needs. If you or a family member needs a Palatine, IL eating disorder therapist, then call our Lotus Wellness Center.