Armored Truck And Car Crash Sends Two People To The Hospital

Early in January of this year, a crash occurred near Palatine, IL. The crash happened at the Meacham and Biesterfield roads around 9:31 a.m., involving an armored truck and another vehicle. This crash sent both drivers to Ascension Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village. According to Elk Grove Police Chief Chuck Walsh, at least one of the drivers was in critical condition when this crash happened.

A 66-year-old drove the passenger vehicle from Palatine, IL, and they collided with the armored truck driven by a 25-year-old. As reported in a written statement, both drivers suffered injuries. Witnesses noticed the truck off the side of the road around 1 p.m. that day, prompting the Elk Grove Village to direct the traffic until around 5 p.m. when the road was clear for traffic.

Unfortunately, accidents like these happen quite frequently, and there’s often a long road to recovery. The total recovery period can take months or even years; even then, there isn’t always a guarantee that a victim will have the same physical health as they did before. In addition, a car accident can lead to temporary and permanent disabilities. For example, a victim may not be able to resume normal activities like the job they had before or pursue hobbies like sports. However, there are some treatment plans that can help restore a person’s functionality.

At the Lotus Wellness Center, we believe that chiropractic care and massage therapy can help victims recover from trauma, including car crashes. While massage therapy won’t “heal” a car accident victim overnight, it can restore certain functions over a set time. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that massage therapy will always restore a person’s functionality to how it was before a crash. However, massage therapy can go a long way, including reducing inflammation and helping victims cope with pain.

At our wellness center, our team will start by meeting with you or your loved one and determining the extent of your damage. After getting to know you more and your needs, we can craft a well-structured treatment plan, including the number of sessions you’ll need. This session number won’t be set in stone, but it’ll give us a good basis to work from. Depending on your needs, we may recommend a couple of sessions or sessions for a few months. For some patients, we may even recommend massage therapy indefinitely.

We also take a holistic approach and can help in other ways, like suggesting changes to your diet, teaching you deep breathing exercises, and helping you manage stress. So whether you’re dealing with specific trauma following an event like a car accident or want to lead a healthier lifestyle, our Palatine, IL massage therapy can put you on the right track. Massage therapy can even help you avoid invasive surgeries. Our team proudly serves the Palatine, IL, community and we’re just one call away when you reach out to Lotus Wellness Center today.