Illinois Students Given 5 Mental Health Days To Take Off School

Illinois Students Given 5 Mental Health Days To Take Off School

Mental health has been taken more seriously in recent years, especially with the impact COVID-19 has had on people’s emotional state. Schools in Illinois have recognized the negative impact of not caring for students’ mental health and are taking action to do something about it by offering each student 5 mental health days to take off school at their discretion. In the Quad Cities students are already putting these days to good use by using them to take a day off of school when they need to take time to focus on their mental health and not the stress of life and school.

According to the local Quad Cities school counselor that WQAD News8 interviewed, it is a good idea and should have been implemented a long time ago. The school counselor believes that children are held to a higher standard than adults and that should not be the case. Apparently, he believes that kids need a break too and being held to such a high standard of not receiving breaks can be very stressful for students and have a negative impact on their mental health and ability to cope in difficult circumstances or day-to-day life.

Counseling for Mental Health

As Illinois takes steps to improve the mental health of their students, it is recommended that some students also meet with a qualified and experienced counselor for counseling Inverness, IL students and parents can trust. Regular counseling sessions could help students improve in:

  • Coping with the daily struggles of life and school by learning tips and strategies for improving their outlook on life. Counselors are experienced in talking with people who are struggling mentally and emotionally and have the skills and knowledge to help them cope and improve their life.
  • Reducing stress at school, activities, relationships, and life in general. Students can have a lot to deal with as they learn about the world and how to become an adult. They are inexperienced at life and many of the things they deal with are for the first time and can be overwhelming. From friends to tests to sports to family life at home, it can be a lot to handle for many students.
  • Attitude about life as they may begin to look at the world in a more negative way. Especially during the teenage years some students and children begin to get a little negative as they deal with hormones and finding their place in the world. It may just be a phase, or it may be a sign of more serious mental health issues. Either way, a counselor may be able to help talk them through it.

Visit a Counselor Today

No matter the situation or seriousness of the mental health condition, working with a counselor from Lotus Wellness Center may be very beneficial for improving mental health and quality of life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and ask any questions that you may have about counseling and its benefits.