Counseling Inverness, IL

When dealing with the stressors of life, you may be looking for the right kind of counseling Inverness, IL offers. At the Lotus Wellness Center, we understand that time is tough for people emotionally, especially right now. You may be going through different hardships like financial struggles, difficulties dealing with the loss of a loved one, or you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing your sadness and anxiety. Whatever you are feeling, know that you do not need to show up to counseling with the answers. We will work with you to help you discover answers to why you may be feeling a certain way and how you can learn to deal with and cope with your emotions. Interested in seeing if counseling is right for you? Please call us now. 

Choosing to Go to Counseling

Deciding that counseling may be right for you is not easy. You may take a while to come to terms with the fact that counseling can help you. In some cases, depression and anxiety are a result of the circumstances you are in. Once these circumstances change, you may feel “back to normal” and ready to move on. However, if that is not the case for you, that’s okay. It means you may need extra help to get through a difficult situation. You may be wondering: what are some signs that it is time to go to counseling? Consider the following:

  • You have noticed that your mood, attitude, or thoughts are beginning to negatively affect essential things in your life, like your relationships, your work, or your school. 
  • You spend a great deal of time thinking about your life’s problems, but you haven’t found a way to make these problems go away. 
  • You have found ways to help you cope with your life issues, but they involve bad habits, like drinking or harming yourself. 
  • You are concerned that the only way to get rid of your life’s problems is to end your life. 

Our Inverness, Illinois counseling center is here when you need us. We understand that overwhelming feelings cause you to become anxious or exhausted. You may even feel so uncomfortable that you don’t want to be around other people. This isn’t always easy to deal with, and you should not have to go through that on your own. 

Are you interested in learning more about how counseling could help you? Give the trusted Inverness, IL counseling team at the Lotus Wellness Center a try by calling our office now.

Preparing for Mental Health Counseling

Counseling Inverness, IL residents depend on from the Lotus Wellness Center may be a way to begin managing feelings of depression and the symptoms that come with it. Depression can come in many forms, and it will be important that those living with depression make an effort to manage their illness. Unfortunately, avoiding the problem may only make matters worse, and some acute situations may become persistent over time, resulting in severe clinical depression. Working with one of our trusted and experienced clinicians can provide several strategies for coping with depression. While the first appointment with a counselor may be daunting, it’s a step in the right direction towards better wellness. Our team can help take the guesswork out of taking the first step towards seeking treatment by preparing you for what to expect from your first appointment. We understand that the process of healing can be a long and arduous path, and we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Coping with Depression

Depression can take on several forms; in many situations, depression may be acute, resulting in feelings of loss, worthlessness, and more. This can impact a person’s everyday life, and when the proper steps are not taken, the condition can become persistent. Accessing counseling in Inverness, IL, can help patients develop coping skills and appropriately manage their condition. However, when left untreated or when a person is unable to cope adequately, their condition may worsen, resulting in significant or persistent depressive disorders. Depending upon how depression is presenting and impacting you, many strategies may be recommended, including:

  • Seeking therapy
  • Developing a strong network of supports
  • Practicing wellness
  • Engaging in activities, you used to enjoy
  • Keeping stress under control

It can be easy for someone experiencing mental health issues to try to avoid the issue. Despite your best efforts, this may result in more profound problems that can be incredibly impactful to how a person functions on an everyday basis. Our team of clinicians will work to assist patients in practicing mindfulness, focusing on relaxation, building coping skills, and increasing overall life satisfaction.  

What to Expect of Your First Appointment

Navigating the challenges of life can feel overwhelming, and for those living with depression, even the most menial tasks can feel challenging. Once you have chosen a therapist and scheduled a session, the first therapy appointment may be one such situation. In some cases, understanding what to expect from the first counseling session may help demystify the process and ease some of the anxiety you may be experiencing. Keep in mind the following when preparing for your first appointment with our team:

  • You will have some paperwork to fill out. This may be sent to you before the appointment or completed at the time of the meeting. Your counselor will ask that you provide HIPAA releases, insurance information, consent to treat, and more. 
  • Your therapist will outline their approach to treatment
  • Prepare to answer a lot of questions about your symptoms 
  • Information about your history
  • An established course of treatment, including the frequency of visits
  • You may experience a rollercoaster of emotions
  • It may take some time to feel comfortable

Mistakes to Avoid When Going to Counseling

If you’re struggling with your mental health, you may have decided to go to counseling in Inverness, IL. Speaking to a stranger about your problems may be intimidating at first, but it can be very beneficial. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when going to counseling.

  • Not Being Completely Honest: Whether you’re going to counseling for depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder, it’s important to be truthful with your counselor. If you leave certain details out, your counselor can’t help you to the best of his or her ability. You shouldn’t feel too embarrassed to tell your counselor anything because he or she has heard it all before. Remember that your counselor is there to help you, not judge you.
  • Expecting a Quick Fix: While it would be great if a counselor could solve all of your problems in one session, it’s just not realistic. It takes considerable time and patience to work through your issues. If you expect a quick fix from counseling, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • Not Doing Your Homework: During counseling in Inverness, IL, your counselor may assign you homework to complete at home. For instance, he or she may ask you to write about your feelings in a journal every day. Although this homework might seem tedious at times, it’s designed for your best interest in mind. To get the most out of counseling, you should always complete the homework your counselor assigns you.
  • Waiting too Long to Seek Counseling: A mistake many people make is waiting too long to seek help. They might wait to see if their problems go away before you go to counseling. This is a big mistake. Most mental health problems rarely go away on their own, so professional help is often necessary. If you are truly struggling with your mental health, don’t wait any longer to see a counselor.
  • Thinking You Can’t Afford Counseling: Unfortunately, some people who may truly benefit from counseling in Inverness, IL don’t consider it because they don’t believe they can afford it. However, counseling is more affordable than you think and is a great investment. Many health insurance companies also cover it.
  • Not Speaking Up When You Disagree with Your Counselor: There may be times when you don’t agree with what your counselor says, and that’s perfectly alright. However, you should always speak up when this happens.

Preparing for Your First Therapy Session

If you are nervous about starting counseling sessions in Inverness, Illinois, we understand. Beginning the process of opening up to someone else can be extremely difficult. You may not even realize you are nervous about starting therapy until you begin preparing to go to your first appointment. This is completely normal. However, you want to get the most out of your appointment and may want to prepare in advance so that you are as comfortable as possible. Here are a few things you can do. 

  • Take a minute for appreciation. This means take a minute to reflect on the fact that you are taking this step. You can’t start going to counseling for anyone but you. You may know that you have the nicest therapist out there but that will not make this leap any easier. It takes courage and bravery to set up your appointment and go. 
  • Know it’s confidential. With rare exceptions (if you are a threat to yourself or others), a counselor is legally bound to keep what you say private. This should give you confidence when speaking with your therapist that they are not going to tell others or put you at risk when you divulge information to them. 
  • Make a list. This does not have to be a long list. However, it can help you to think about what you hope to get out of counseling before you actually go to your session. Your counselor may ask you this and you may be more prepared if you think about it beforehand. This list of goals can change and shift over time and there is nothing wrong with that. 
  • Have appropriate expectations. You will not be “healed” after your first session. In fact, therapy won’t fix all of your problems. Instead, it allows you the opportunity to reflect on your life and what inward changes you can make. If you can identify the root cause of problems, you can begin confronting them with the right tools. 
  • The counselor is there to help. This is important. When a person falls into a “funk” or is sad, it can be easy to go on the defensive and think that others are not on your side. Your counselor is absolutely on your side and wants to see you thrive. The questions they ask may hit a raw nerve or expose issues that are complicated and hurtful. This is not to hurt you but to help you develop appropriate ways to cope and overcome your problems. 

Unfortunately, many may be resistant to treatment from a therapist or continue to put off finding an experienced professional. As a result, prospective patients may see their condition worsen, which may cause more outstanding issues and a more significant impact on a person’s life and those who love them. The Lotus Wellness Center can help you navigate life’s challenges and get on the road to healing and better wellness. At our practice, we apply a holistic approach to your treatment and partner with you to achieve your therapeutic goals. To receive counseling offered in Inverness, Illinois, schedule an intake with our office today. 

Common Misconceptions About Mental Health Counseling

If you struggle with your mental health, you may be thinking about going to counseling in Inverness, IL. However, you may have heard some myths about it that are preventing you from taking the first step. Here are some common misconceptions about counseling you shouldn’t believe:

  • Counseling Is Only Intended for Severe Mental Illnesses: This is one of the biggest myths about mental health counseling. The truth is that you don’t have to suffer from a severe condition like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia to benefit from therapy. You can go to therapy to address a wide range of issues. For example, you may want to talk to a counselor after a loved one has died or you’ve gone through a divorce.
  • Mental Health Counselors Just Listen to People Vent: A large part of therapy is expressing your thoughts, worries and desires to your counselor. However, a mental health counselor will do much more than just listen to your complaints. He or she will help you set goals, teach coping techniques and even assign homework for you to do.
  • Counseling Is Too Expensive: Unfortunately, some people are reluctant to go to counseling because they think they can’t afford it. However, mental health counseling is more affordable than you think and your health insurance company may cover it. There are also some clinics that offer a sliding scale based on your income. Additionally, counseling is a great investment and can help you live a more fulfilling life.
  • Only the Weak Need Mental Health Counseling: This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s nothing weak about seeking help for your mental health. In fact, you’re brave and smart for recognizing that you may need counseling in Inverness, IL.
  • You Can Just Talk to Family and Friends: When you’re struggling with your mental health, it’s nice to have family and friends to lean on. However, they’re not mental health therapists. Therapists undergo a lot of training to learn how to properly diagnose and treat mental health problems. A counselor doesn’t know you personally, so he or she won’t be biased. He or she will give you objective advice.
  • You Have to Be in Counseling Forever: Some people believe that once they start counseling in Inverness, IL, they’ll have to be in it for the rest of their lives. How long you have to attend therapy will depend on your own unique problems and difficulties.

How Does Counseling “Fit Into” a Broader Approach to Wellness?

It is important to understand that counseling is not a “one size fits all” approach to wellness. Some individuals are already so attentive to their health and wellness needs that adding counseling into their “regular routine” proves to be the last needed piece of a very complex puzzle. However, many others find that as they begin attending counseling sessions, other areas of their health and wellness journey remain unattended to. Starting counseling sessions tends to inspire individuals to make better choices in their daily lives and often inspires them to adhere faithfully to various healthy habits.

Additionally, it is important to understand that if you are not already taking a broad, inclusive approach to addressing your health and wellness needs that the Lotus Wellness Center can help. We will never pressure you to add other services onto your itinerary as you start counseling. However, you may determine that exploring some of these services could benefit you. For example, you may opt to being getting regular massages to help with your anxiety and acupuncture to help with certain symptoms related to your depression. Everyone’s health and wellness needs are unique in that no two people require the exact same approach to health and wellness. Part of your counseling journey may involve figuring out which other resources and/or tools your specific journey could benefit from.

What if I Have Had a Bad Experience with Counseling in the Past?

All too often, individuals who could benefit from attending counseling sessions shy away from this opportunity because they have had unwelcome experiences with counseling in the past. It is important to adjust your expectations to every new counseling setting, as no two settings are exactly alike. It may take working with more than one counselor to find your perfect “fit.” It may also take you some time to process the unfortunate experiences you’ve had in the past in order to move forward in a fully present way. That’s okay. Understanding that counseling has long proven to be an excellent resource (when patients are matched with practitioners who meet their needs) can help you to “try again” (and try again after that, if necessary) until you find what you’re looking for in a counseling relationship.

Counseling Assistance Is Available

If you are interested in exploring whether attending counseling may be beneficial for you at this time in your life, connect with the experienced team at the Lotus Wellness Center to learn more about your options. Investing a little of your time now may make a big difference to your health and wellbeing over time.

How Counseling Can Benefit You

There are a lot of positive outcomes from going to counseling. Going to counseling can improve your mood, your interactions with others, your ability to do your job, and so much more. It is never too soon to seek the support you need. Call us at the Lotus Wellness Center today to sign up for a consultation for counseling in Inverness, IL. Once you have found a counselor that you feel comfortable with, you may start seeing improvements in a number of areas.


  • Managing Your Stress | Stress is something that everyone experiences and in small amounts it can be healthy and helpful. However, if you notice you are irritable, frantic, or apathetic, stress may be impeding your life. A counselor can work with you to identify stressors in your life and provide you with tools that will allow you to better manage them. 
  • Regulating Your Emotions | Do you find yourself lashing out at your co-workers or family? Are you crying or becoming overly angry about matters when you weren’t previously? Regulating your emotions can be difficult, especially when you are feeling stressed. Learning anger management and stress reduction techniques will benefit you and your relationships. 
  • Developing Healthy Coping Skills | Stress can lead to unhealthy habits. To deal with stress we might eat poorly, drink excessively, or spend hours watching TV to help you avoid thinking or addressing the problem at hand. These habits may even create new problems for you. Counseling can help you develop healthy coping skills and address the issue at hand.
  • Enhancing Your Relationships | Strong relationships require boundaries. But if you find it challenging to get close to others, being assertive or handling conflict you may struggle to set healthy boundaries. Counseling in Inverness, IL can provide you with tools to improve your communication skills and help you better understand what support you need in a relationship and how you can better support others. 
  • Dealing With Change | Change is a part of life, but large or sudden changes can be hard to work through. Starting a new job, losing a loved one, moving to a new place, or becoming a parent may leave you feeling worried and insecure. A counselor can offer emotional support and strategies to adapt to these life changes. 
  • Increasing Your Productivity I Feeling worried can bog down your ability to get things done. You may feel easily distracted or have a hard time focusing on the work at hand. Going to counseling can help you process your feelings and teach you techniques to refocus your thoughts so you are more productive. 
  • Finding a Positive Outlook | When you are anxious, you are often making negative assumptions about yourself or the future. You can get stuck in thought patterns that lead you to believe the worst case scenario, which can lead to even more stress. Understanding how to break out of these cycles will allow you to feel happier and be more productive. 

These are just a few of the ways that counseling can benefit you. It’s never too soon to reduce stress from your life and start feeling happier. Enroll in counseling in Inverness, IL today by contacting us at the Lotus Wellness Center!