How To Dress For Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapist

If you are confused about what to wear to your physical therapy session, then know you aren’t alone. It might seem silly, but the truth is many people have this question. it’s difficult to know what to wear and what not to wear.

No, you won’t need to dress in anything fancy, but you also won’t have to strip down to your underwear. You can relax knowing that it isn’t a medical exam, and your physical therapist will probably only need you to move your clothing to see what they need. If you still are not sure about what you should wear, then take a look below to see what we recommend.

Clothes That Pass The Mobility Test

One important thing to remember when dressing for your physical therapy session is to wear something comfortable and non-restrictive. You should think of things like sweatpants and leisure wear. Whatever you wear to work out is typically good. You can test out your outfit’s suitability by performing lunges or squats for shorts. If you can do them easily, then you can know that they are good for your session. For your arms, see if you can lift your arms up over your head easily.

In most cases, you can get away with wearing a baggy t-shirt to your appointment. There are cases where your physical therapist may need to look at your back in totality. This may mean taking your shit off. Here, we would recommend that women wear a sports bra or even a cropped training top.

If you have knee pain, then we recommend wearing loose shorts or even yoga pants that roll up easily. There are some therapists that prefer you not to wear leggings, but you will have to talk to your therapist to know that. Don’t worry if you show up and they don’t like it, you can always change it for next time.

Layer Up

It is a good idea to have a few layers with you for your appointment. Your session is likely going to include exercise time and you may get hot. You may also have a time when your joints are being iced. It is best to have layers you can take off and on. One thing that is suggested is having a vest or even a sports jacket that you can zip up. A sweatshirt would also work as an extra layer as well.


The best choice of footwear for your appointment is sneakers with socks. It really doesn’t matter what kind of sneakers you wear though. They could be whatever you like. This means even your favorite pair of everyday fashion sneakers work. They should be supportive though. As long as you are wearing socks, you should be fine.

If you have any more questions about what a Falls Church physical therapist can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to one like our friends at AmeriWell Clinics for more information today.