Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic Treatments For Radiculopathy 


There are many different conditions that a chiropractor can treat, and one radiculopathy is one of them. People who are between the ages of 45 to 65 commonly develop this condition. There are several types of radiculopathy that affect different parts of the spine, specifically the nerve root, and it can cause severe pain, limited mobility, and reduced range of motion because the nerve is pinched. It can also cause symptoms affecting the limbs and extremities. With chiropractic care, the symptoms can be alleviated and the condition can be better managed. Some of the following chiropractic treatments are used to treat radiculopathy.


Spinal Adjustments


When the spine is not aligned properly, it can cause pain, inflammation, and restricted movement. As a radiculopathy chiropractor can tell you, spinal manipulation is a highly effective treatment for those who suffer from radiculopathy. By manipulating the spine, it relieves pressure on the nerve, helping to alleviate pain. Adjustments allow the affected nerve or nerves to be able to send signals to the rest of the body. If a patient has shifted joints or slipped discs for example, adjustments help to move them back to the right position. After just a few sessions, adjustments can help patients move more easily and feel more comfortable.


Therapeutic Massage 


Massage therapy is also another effective and beneficial treatment that has produced positive results for patients with radiculopathy. A chiropractor massages the targeted areas of the body, which helps to release tension, reduce inflammation, and soothe pain. The treatment makes the muscles less tense, targeting soft tissue so that there is no pressure being placed on the nerve. Massage therapy can be done through gentle stretches and pressure using the hands, or by assistive chiropractic instruments. Over time, patients can experience better flexibility and range of motion after undergoing therapeutic massage treatment.


Physical Therapy 


Physical therapy is another good treatment for radiculopathy. The goal of physical therapy is to treat issues and dysfunction in your body through an emphasis on your body’s movement and flexibility. It is highly effective at treating symptoms affecting the muscles, joints, and bones, especially when combined with other chiropractic methods. Skilled chiropractors may use physical therapy for patients who suffer from chronic nerve pain or have difficulty walking, bending, or doing other basic movements. A chiropractor may implement physical therapy exercises like spinal stretches and arm stretches as an initial treatment for a range of radiculopathy symptoms.


Depending on the type of radiculopathy that you have and its severity, you may see results fairly quickly or after several sessions. Every patient is different, so your treatment program may be different than another patient with the same condition. An experienced chiropractor may use one or more techniques to treat your radiculopathy. Before you consider costly surgery or other high-risk treatments, see if chiropractic care may be right for you. To find out about how you can treat your radiculopathy pain and symptoms, make a consultation with a trained and qualified radiculopathy chiropractor in your area now.