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Depression Therapy

There are so many places that offer therapy, so how do you know which one to choose? It’s difficult to decipher which therapist will be right for you, especially considering that there is an abundance of choices to weave through online. No one wants to have to bounce from office to office and change therapists several times either, so if you are reading this, you can rest assured that your search can stop here. We are a team of compassionate professionals who understand the innerworkings of the mind and how depression can seep in, making it challenging to go about our lives.

Depression is a condition that affects a large number of the population. It is one of the highest on the list of most common mental health conditions. Statistical estimates suggest that more than 20 million adults throughout our nation alone have struggled with at least one major depression episode. Globally, around 2-6% of humanity have experienced depression, just in this last year. The group that tends to suffer from depression the most are those 18-25 years of age. With the state of the world and constant influx of news that we can get instantly at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that we as a people are depressed and might need help.

When choosing a therapy office to treat your depression, it is imperative that your therapist knows how to properly identify and diagnose this condition. A misdiagnosis or oversight could be what causes your treatment and recovery to suffer. There are many ways that your mental health may be assessed during a Lake Zurich IL depression therapy session. Usually, depressive symptoms show up as feelings of sadness or hopelessness, angry outbursts, frustration or irritability, sleep disturbances (sleeping too much or insomnia), trouble concentrating, thoughts or attempts of suicide, fixation on past experiences or failures, anxiety or restlessness, reduced or excessive appetite, and more.

A qualified depression therapist will understand how other health problems can exacerbate or exist alongside depression. For instance, you may have the symptoms of depression, but then your body seems to be in a constant state of high alert and you have panic attacks too. It’s possible that you have anxiety in addition to depression, which can tire your body and mind even further. An experienced therapist can uncover other potential influencing factors that may be making the depression worse. And not only should your therapist be able to diagnose you correctly, but establish a therapy care plan that makes you feel most supported.

Depression can be all-encompassing and affect every aspect of our lives, including our career, personal relationships, and physical health. There is no shame in acknowledging that you may need extra support. And thankfully, there are empathetic therapists who are here to assist in your recovery and healing. At Lotus Wellness Center, we empathize with just how troublesome depression can be and feel, which is why we hope that if you or someone you care about is struggling, that you contact our clinic now for help.