Four Reasons To Seek Help From a Therapist

Four Reasons To Seek Help From a Therapist

At some point in a person\’s life, it’s completely normal to need therapeutic support from an experienced anxiety therapist in Arlington Heights, IL. Anxiety can make someone feel like they are spinning out of control, making it challenging to function normally in a world. As a result, you may be experiencing overwhelming emotions. While everyone experiences anxiety on some level throughout their lives, some may find it unmanageable. Several reasons for anxiety include job stress, substantial life changes, familial discord, the loss of a loved one, and past trauma are just a few circumstances that can impact people. Lotus Wellness Center offers a team of professionals who provide therapeutic services that can be tailored to meet your needs. Here are four reasons therapy may be in your best interest when experiencing anxiety:

Your Anxiety is Consuming

Anxiety causes a person to worry excessively or fear that something harmful will happen. Often, these fears can be irrational, but these fears are genuine for a person experiencing anxiety. As a result, anxiety can impact nearly every aspect of a person\’s life. Not only are everyday tasks difficult to complete, but anxiety may also affect a person\’s physical health. When someone experiences anxiety, they experience excessive stress, which triggers chemicals within the brain, causing an increase in cortisol levels. When meeting with an anxiety therapist in Arlington Heights, IL, they will tell patients that those struggling with an anxiety disorder may cause a person to withdraw socially, have difficulty trying new things, or take risks of any kind. Sometimes, implications on physical health can include muscle pain, digestive issues, chronic pain, heart disease, and more.

You Are Coping with Substances

Sometimes, stress and anxiety can cause a person to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the symptoms associated with the disorder. Self-medicating to deal with these emotions can improve mood and be dangerous for a person\’s health. When drugs and alcohol are used to cope, it’s possible to become dependent. Typically, accessing substances to manage anxiety can eventually catch up with a person, often only making matters worse. it’s essential to consider therapy to gain healthy skills and understand the reasons you may be reliant upon substances to cope.

You\’re Isolating Yourself 

As mentioned, anxiety can impact a person\’s willingness to try new things, especially if they live in constant fear of the unknown. Like many other mental health disorders, it’s common for people to isolate themselves. While it’s normal to need alone time, completely withdrawing from social situations can cause a person\’s mental health to deteriorate even further. In addition, socially withdrawing can severely impact relationships with friends and family. If you find that you are feeling anxious over social activities, often canceling plans, or avoiding once enjoyable social activities, it may be time to consider seeking support from an Arlington Heights, IL anxiety therapist.

To Learn New Coping Skills

A therapist can help their patients by not only providing clinical treatment but also by educating them to access healthy coping skills so that they can better manage their anxiety. Coping skills are essential when experiencing stressful situations as they arise throughout a person\’s life. These can involve a variety of lifestyle changes and therapeutic approaches.

For Professional Help

it’s possible to live with anxiety without letting the disorder completely control your life. The Lotus Wellness Center offers a vast range of treatments to help patients experiencing issues impacting their quality of life. it’s important to put health and wellness first, and working with an Arlington Heights, IL, anxiety therapist can provide tools and education to clients that aim to improve their mental and physical health.