What Does the Chiropractic Approach Mean Exactly?


Chiropractics can be a great place to begin for those who are interested in improving their overall health and wellness. While many people think chiropractics is only for those with back problems, treatments aren’t limited to that area. In fact, a chiropractor can treat a large number of injuries and illness related to the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Those who get adjustments regularly are often very open to sharing their positive experience with others they know. After friends or family members hear about chiropractics, they may wonder what makes this approach to wellness so different.

Q: What else is there to chiropractics aside from treating back pain?

A: Chiropractors do focus on the health of a person’s spine and back, but isn\’t the only thing. A chiropractor can help treat other areas of the body including the hip, shoulders, head, feet, knees, and more. After adjustments of the spine, it isn’t uncommon for a patient to feel less pain and more flexibility all over his or her body.

A person with frequent headaches may have significantly less episodes due to receiving chiropractic care, and those who struggle with weakness due to illness may find they have a little more energy or strength when going about their daily lives. Overall, chiropractors try to bring wellness to the human body by viewing it as one interconnected entity.

Q: What does it mean when people say chiropractic care is “non-invasive”?

A: Non-invasive in relation to chiropractics means that a patient won’t have to deal with taking medications long-term or undergo invasive procedures. Chiropractors take an approach that strives to heal your body through adjustments, diet, exercise, stress reduction, massage, and more. A chiropractor may use hands or a tool to apply specific pressure to the vertebrae, so it can be moved back into proper placement. These treatments are gentle, should not cause pain, and only mild soreness may be felt after a manipulation.

Q: Why do chiropractors focus so much on the spine?

A: The spinal column is such a key part of our body, that is responsible for many more functions than people may realize. When the spine isn’t healthy, a person may experience pain, stiffness, a decreased metabolism, poor energy, and trouble concentrating. After a chiropractor corrects misalignments of the spine, these side effects may diminish or go away entirely. The spine is connected to the nervous system, so when it is healthy the whole body can reap the benefits.

Q: What if I am nervous to have an area that hurts be adjusted?

A: When consulting with a chiropractor in your town, talk about your apprehensions about having certain areas adjusted. This gives the chiropractor Takoma Park, MD relies on an opportunity to offer reassurance and tell you more about what the adjustment entails. Many people with pain and discomfort find significant relief even after one session. Depending on the type and severity of the illness or injury, more or less adjustments may be required before improvements are felt.

Thank you to our friends and contributors at AmeriWell Clinics for their insight into the chiropractic approach.