Reasons To Contact a PRP Hair Loss Doctor

Hair loss can be incredibly upsetting, especially if you’re a young man or woman in your 20s and 30s who doesn’t want to sacrifice their youth and beauty with excessive hair loss. Fortunately, hair restoration experts can help you reclaim your youthful appearance through Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. This innovative and groundbreaking treatment uses the body’s own blood to regenerate healthy new hair follicles and stimulate growth. With treatments from an experienced PRP hair loss doctor, you can get back the hair you used to have! If you\’re not sure about getting this treatment done, here are three reasons to contact a PRP hair loss doctor.


Gain and Boost Your Confidence

After years of hair loss, people can become afraid to show themselves. Some women avoid going outside or even having family photos taken because they don’t want to be photographed without their hair done up and looking nice. With PRP treatments, you’ll have fuller, more beautiful hair than ever before! This boost in confidence will come naturally and make you feel better both inside and out. Confidence is just one of many benefits that comes with full, beautiful hair.


Improve Your Hair Health

It’s important to know that your hair health is linked to your overall health, and that even one of these treatments could improve not only your appearance but also your quality of life.  PHP treatments can increase blood flow to your scalp, allowing for better nutrient absorption and circulation throughout your body. This will make it easier for nutrients from food to reach each cell in your body and be used as fuel or repaired cells. In addition, by using a PRP treatment on your scalp, you can reduce levels of DHT which causes hair loss — allowing you to grow more new hairs on top of existing ones rather than losing them entirely.


Prevent Hair Loss

A common misconception when it comes to hair loss is that your genes are all you have to worry about. Sure, genetic factors can increase your chances of going bald, but many cases of hair loss have been attributed to environmental causes like stress and poor nutrition. One way to prevent thinning locks or any type of hair loss is by eating well and avoiding stress. Your body needs nutrients for healthy hair growth, and it’s important not to abuse your body with too much alcohol or caffeine (unless you\’re talking about getting a buzz cut). If you don\’t already practice yoga or meditation, now might be a good time to start; both activities can help combat stress and boost your overall wellbeing. Sometimes, though, those simple activities won\’t help your hair loss.

For those who want to maintain their hair or regain lost strands, a physician may recommend platelet-rich plasma therapy. PRP treatments harness your own blood platelets\’ ability to repair damaged tissue, so they\’ve become an increasingly popular treatment option for those looking to keep their manes thick and full. What makes these treatments different from others is that instead of just injecting filler into your scalp — which may cause more damage than good — your doctor will take some of your blood and concentrate its platelets before putting them back into your scalp with an injection needle.

Contact a hair loss treatment doctor for more information today!