Pediatric Chiropractic Care: Safe or Suspect?


There are many advocates of the benefits of chiropractic care for adults, such as providing increased mobility and range of motion while easing joint and muscle pain. it’s only natural to believe that, if you have a good experience with chiropractic care, your children should naturally benefit. But is that a good assumption based on sound reasoning? Perhaps, but you should do some research to make sure. There are obviously many differences in the mature bodies of adults and the fragile, still developing bodies of infants and children. If you decide that it is still the path you want to take, make certain that you have a licensed Chiropractor specifically trained in adjusting infants and young children.


It is thought that misalignment in the spine can place stress on the nervous system. Advocates of pediatric chiropractic believe that early intervention leads to the healthy development of the brain and spinal cord. By removing impediments, the nerves between the brain and the spine can have better communication. It may increase the effectiveness of the child\’s immune system. There is some evidence that adjustments may also help with concentration, attitude and even hyperactivity, leading to better sleep. Cognitive ability may be improved. Children involved in sports may also benefit from chiropractic adjustments in the case of injury. Even in infants, some practitioners believe that spinal misalignments due to birth positions may lead to nursing issues, colic, reflux and other infant maladies that an adjustment may correct.


Children\’s joints are not fully formed yet. They are mostly cartilage and have much more flexibility than adults. This risk for tears to the soft tissue can be increased if the practitioner is not used to working with children. In addition, the organs are much smaller and require much less pressure to reach, leading to a potential for unintended injury. Training for pediatric adjustments is extremely limited in most chiropractic training programs, particularly when compared to the rigorous course of study for pediatricians. Research is also fairly sparse on chiropractic care in infants and children.

Our children are our most precious belongings. We would do anything to ease their pain or increase their well-being. As with anything new, do your research. Due diligence can prevent you from making a potentially life-altering mistake. If you decide chiropractic care is the right decision for your child, make sure you get a chiropractor in Wheaton, MD who has been trained in and is experienced with treating children.

Thanks to AmeriWell Clinics for their insight into chiropractic care and pediatric chiropractors.