How Having a Pet Can Relieve Depression

Anxiety Therapist Palatine, IL

Pets gives us the unconditional love we need and are a lot easier to talk to than people. They always listen, never yell or judge, and can just put at ease immediately. For individuals who struggle with depression or anxiety, having a pet can help make life easier, as well as visiting an anxiety therapist Palatine, IL relies on at Lotus Wellness Center. Many different studies have shown that pets can reduce any tension, improve mood right away and help with mood swings by keeping you in a schedule. Pets offer acceptance, a soothing presence, distract us from our daily lives and give us something to cuddle whenever we need it. In fact, it is shown that by just watching a fish swim around for five minutes, your blood pressure will be lowered. It is also known to ease tension individuals who are about to undergo oral procedures; this is why aquariums are common in dentist offices. Other studies show that owners of pets have lower heart rate and blood pressure before and during stressful tasks like a presentation or doing homework. Also, individuals that are recovering from heart attacks are known to have an expedited recovery when they have a pet waiting for them at home.

Pets can help us to feel less lonely, and depression is centered around the feeling of being alone. The hopelessness that accompanies this feeling can be counteracted by a pet’s presence. You put a lot of work and time into your pet, whether it is by remembering to buy them food and to feed them every day around the same time, remembering to clean up after them, walking them or playing with them, and by just spending time with them so they feel loved as well. This gives you a lot less time to sit around and dwell on negative things, and provides you instead with a distraction of responsibility. Pets can be as interesting and riveting as an intriguing movie or book. They can take us out of our own minds and feelings of hopelessness for moments at a time, and this leaves you with less time to feel depressed; because it is difficult to sit and think about just how awful you truly feel when you are running around trying to catch videos and pictures of your pet doing something cute. Numerous researchers have found that just petting your pet for half an hour can decrease your stress hormone (cortisol), increase your happiness hormone (oxytocin) and skyrocket your immune system abilities.