How a Hair Transplant Might Benefit Your Self Esteem

When an individual engages in counseling, self-esteem issues due to their perceived looks may arise, and the possibility of a hair transplant occasionally enters the conversation. This is not as unusual as many might think. With life changes such as divorce, aging, or a new marriage, the body’s appearance can take on added significance. It’s important to not judge one’s feelings of malcontent or uneasiness. In fact, we encourage clients to explore their deepest feelings and to recognize that there are healthy and practical solutions to a majority of concerns.


A hair transplant is not a solution reserved for mature men. In fact, young people sometimes struggle with hair loss. Victims of accidents are sometimes left with head trauma and scarring that results in severe hair loss. Certain diseases and/or medical treatments can cause someone who had always enjoyed an abundance of hair to suddenly experience severe balding. Our society places great emphasis on looking a certain way, and as a result it’s natural for our physical looks to affect our self-esteem and body issues. In instances like these, if a hair transplant is a viable option, there is no reason to not consider it.


A Hair Transplant as a Safe and Proven Solution


As a person ages and possibly experiences hair loss, it can have a detrimental effect on how they perceive themselves and how they feel emotionally. The depression they feel as a result is real and it is healthy to acknowledge and address it. A hair transplant can rejuvenate their enthusiasm about their physical appearance which in turn can increase self-esteem. Positive side effects include lowered stress levels. When stress is otherwise high, it can cause health conditions to develop. The science behind hair transplants is proven and the medical advancements in recent years has opened up new methods of transplant surgery. If one method is not optimum, another might be—meet with a hair transplant doctor to discover your options.


Life’s Transitions Can Be Challenging


It’s natural to feel unbalanced when experiencing a major life transition. This might describe entering into a marriage, going through a divorce, or recovering from a serious injury. The latter can be especially challenging if the injury results in scalp scarring and hair loss. These are scenarios in which a hair transplant won’t solve all of life’s problems, but it can go a long way toward generating excitement about life again and improving one’s outlook. For those entering into a new marriage, they may feel as if they want to be at their best for their beloved, and a younger looking hair style may be the approach that works best for them. There is no shame in feeling good about your appearance, and one’s mindset can go a long way in producing tangible positive results.


Explore Your Options and Find Out if a Hair Transplant is Right for You


A hair transplant is not the answer for everyone; however, it might be the right choice for you. If this is something that interests you, contact a hair transplant doctor in NYC to learn if you are a candidate for this procedure.




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Dr. Robin Unger, MD, Hair Transplant Doctor NYC