Car Accident Victims Can Benefit From Anxiety Therapy

There are many reasons why a person will want to seek therapy, including anxiety. However, anxiety can occur from various factors, including incidents during a person’s childhood or adulthood. Specific situations or triggers causing anxiety often stem from physical or emotional abuse. Many car accident victims experience anxiety and other issues like PTSD.

Unfortunately, car accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. Earlier in July 2022, a 47-year-old man was severely injured while two other victims became hospitalized following a rollover crash in North Barrington on Route 12.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Wauconda Fire District responded to the incident at about 2:10 p.m. on a Friday. When the authorities arrived, they discovered a Toyota Prius and a Chevrolet Traverse, both extensively damaged. The initial investigation shows that the Chevrolet driver was turning Northbound on Route 12 when the Toyota crashed into the Chevrolet. This incident resulted in the Chevrolet rolling over.

Paramedics arrived and rushed the 47-year-old man to Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville to treat his injuries. The 20-year-old woman and the 13-year-old girl were transferred to Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington to treat their minor injuries.

Unfortunately, car crashes are sometimes unavoidable and may result from various factors like reckless or drunk driving, distracted driving, poor signage or bad road conditions, weather conditions, etc. While treating physical conditions should always be a victim’s first priority, they may experience mental or emotional distress following a car accident.

It’s not uncommon for victims to experience symptoms of PTSD after a car crash, including extreme stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can quickly damage a person’s everyday routine and may lead to issues like:

  • The fear of going out for walks
  • Inability to interact with the outside world
  • Inability to enjoy hobbies, especially if they involve social interactions
  • Difficulty in working or maintaining a job
  • Panic attacks
  • Inability to properly maintain relationships
  • Loss in sexual interest
  • Eating habits including over or undereating
  • Sleeping conditions like being unable to sleep, sleepwalking, or nightmares and night terrors

The very act of dealing with a car crash alone can incredibly induce stress and anxiety. Even if you don’t find yourself reliving the incident, you may need to deal with mounting medical bills, working with your or the other party’s insurance company, handling legal issues, etc.

Besides direct victims of a car crash, a victim’s friends or family may also suffer from anxiety or emotional distress. Losing a loved one is a lot to tackle, especially from wrongful death. While nothing can bring a loved one back or erase what happened, enlisting the help of an anxiety therapist can help you deal with the issue.

An anxiety therapist can help you or your loved ones cope with and come to terms with the event, resolve repressed memories, and manage internal and external stress and anxiety. For seeking an anxiety therapist in Barrington, IL, Lotus Wellness Center can help pair you with a therapist that can help you manage stress or anxiety following an accident like a car crash when you call today.