Weight Management Palatine, ILWeight Management Palatine, IL

When you are looking for weigh management in Palatine, IL, residents can turn to the Lotus Wellness Center.

Have you been trying to lose weight and keep it off, but you’re finding it difficult to do so? Have you tried diet trends that let you down? You are not alone and deserve more than quick fixes and solutions that don’t last. At Lotus Wellness Center, weight management in Palatine, IL can provide you with personalized guidance and long term weight loss solutions.

Weight Management & Wellness

Lotus Wellness Center’s approach to weight management includes scientifically proven principles that encourage participants to practice and develop long lasting lifestyle habits that promote optimal health and wellbeing.

Our facility utilizes various dedicated professionals who are trained and experienced in their respective fields. These staff include:

  • Medical experts
  • Psychologists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Chiropractic Doctors
  • Mental health counselors
  • Nutrition specialists

Guided by extensive experience, we can provide you with comprehensive care that assists in improving your health and wellbeing. If you have been struggling with weight management, Palatine, IL clinic, Lotus Wellness Center, can help.

The Health Benefits Of Weight Loss

Every month people come to Lotus Wellness Center for the 6-week ‘Trim Life’ program. While most of these participants want to lose weight, they also find their quality of life transforms in a number of other ways.

Physical Health

  • Decreased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular problems
  • Improved sleep
  • Heightened energy levels
  • Reduction in the risk for certain cancers
  • Decrease in the need for certain medications

Emotional and Mental Health

  • Increase in self esteem and confidence
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Less mood swings
  • Decreased symptoms of depression
  • Overall improved sense of wellbeing

What You Will Experience at the Lotus Wellness Center

When you are looking for a program for Palatine, IL weight management men and women can turn to our clinic. Our Trim Life program aims to teach you how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life. We incorporate practical components into our program, many of which includes facets associated with your mental and emotional wellbeing. Guided by a trained, certified practitioner, you may be asked to:

  • Identify any unhealthy patterns in your life
  • Gain insight into things that could be hindering your weight loss
  • Develop thoughts and ideas regarding what it really means to be, and feel, healthy
  • Identify new, healthier relationships with eating
  • Explore ways to become more active
  • Learn how to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Manage any pre-existing mental and physical health concerns
  • Establish practical goals for weight loss and other areas in your life

During the 6 week weight management program, you will be provided with individual support and treatment that seeks the most favorable outcome. We hope to not only help you to learn fundamental principles of managing your weight, but to also encourage you to build a healthy sense of self-confidence. We would like to see you better manage your weight, make smarter decisions regarding your health, and help you to heal and grow emotionally as you engage in this life transformation. To learn more about weight management, Palatine, IL residents can call Lotus Wellness Center.