Why You Should visit Lotus Wellness Center, a Palatine Chiropractor, for Back Pain Treatment

Why You Should visit Lotus Wellness Center, a Palatine Chiropractor, for Back Pain Treatment

A chiropractor is uniquely poised to offer a back pain treatment. This is because chiropractic centers around improving and maintaining the health of the spine.
Remember that spinal health is critical for overall health because the spine is the superhighway for the body. Nerves flow through it and this means that when the spine is not in good health, all areas of the body can suffer. It is likely to have problems with organs, health, well-being and also to suffer from pain when the spine is not in the proper position. Visiting Lotus Wellness Center can help.


When patients first visit our center, we conduct a full physical examination. We need to see how the spine is aligned and also check for things like strength, mobility and flexibility. Testing all of these areas will help us to determine what is causing the problem. We may also need to take X-rays or conduct other diagnostics to determine the true extent of what is taking place. As such, patients should expect the initial appointment to take more time than subsequent ones.


As a chiropractor, our approach to back pain treatment is to identify what is causing the discomfort in the first place. While a traditional doctor may take the approach of treating the symptoms, we would rather find out what is causing the problem so that we can prevent it from continuing. This requires a thorough approach to health care.


We will create a treatment plan that includes several components designed to address the initial problem and prevent it from happening again. Typically, this will involve –

  • Non-invasive chiropractic treatments designed to improve spinal health
  • Massage
  • Physical therapy that includes stretching and exercises

All three must work together to reduce discomfort, loosen the muscles and increase strength. Few people realize how critical it is to include all three in a treatment plan. For example, if the muscles are not loosened, they will continue to pull on various areas of the body and the pain will not be eliminated. If the spine is not in alignment, blood will not flow properly and health problems could fester. Finally, without stretching and careful strength training, the back is likely to become injured again. Having a strong core is essential for preventing future back problems.

Our treatment plans last for several months because it is necessary to continue to receive care until the issue is completely resolved. Typically, people will begin by visiting our center a couple times a week. This will gradually be reduced until patients only need to visit us for maintenance care. At this point, a patient may come in once a month or simply when feeling discomfort or noticing a decrease in health. The goal of chiropractic is to improve overall health and well-being and then to sustain it so our plans always include suggestions for long-term health.

To learn more about our back pain treatment or the benefits of visiting a chiropractor, call us at (773) 897-3292 and schedule an appointment right away.