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Counseling-Palatine-IL-man-writing-while-woman-sits-in-the-backgroundWhat Questions Should I Ask My Child Therapist?

If you take a seat in the office of the therapy or counseling, and you have questions… And you deserve to assess questions and know that it’s okay to have questions, especially if this therapist is for your child. You should find a therapist who is the right fit for your child, and for your family, you don’t need to see eye to eye with the child’s therapist but you need to feel safe talking to them and truly your child feels safe speaking to them too.

You should never feel ashamed if you need to change your child’s counseling in Palatine, IL. No therapist wants to work with somebody who does not want to work with them is just a waste of their time and your own so ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the therapist on hand will ensure that counseling is going to go well.

How Do You Interview a Child Psychologist, Counselor or Therapist?

You should reach out to therapists that interest you and catch your eye, to see what kind of protocols and specializations they have. Sometimes this can be done over the phone but others may invite you to the office for the full session and they may charge you for the service while others do not, you should ensure that you ask about payment before consulting with the counselor in Palatine IL.

When doing research you are probably going to find and understand that there are a lot of titles beside their name, from psychiatrists, counselors, to psychologists. You might also find that some of them specialize in very specific types of therapy such as play therapy or drama therapy and you can ask your counselor in Palatine IL about the different types of therapy and see what they say would be correct for you and your child.

You should not be afraid to shop around for a therapist, this is important that you and your child are comfortable with who you start to have them see.

How much experience do you have working with children like mine?

It doesn’t matter really how skilled the counselor in Palatine IL, such as the ones available at the Lotus Wellness Center, says they are. Doesn’t matter if they have the credentials to back the skill level up, you can have a bad experience with the therapist who is fully accredited. Therefore it is very important that you ask your therapist or the therapist you are considering having a child seat if they’ve worked are specific diagnoses that are pertinent to your child, or if they specialize in helping children who were going to specific issues like divorce or grief, and sometimes race, religious background and culture could come into play when seeking a counselor in Palatine IL.

How Will I Be Involved in the Child’s Therapy?

It depends on the circumstances, in regards to how involved you will be allowed to be in your child’s therapy. Your child’s age will be taken into account the specific concerns they are going to therapy for, and the therapist’s style will have a lot to do with deciding what is shared and what is not.