Test Anxiety Counseling Palatine, IL

Test Anxiety Counseling Palatine, IL

For many youngsters, adjusting to social situations, whether it’s a birthday party or a playdate, can be challenging which is why test anxiety counseling Palatine, IL families recommend may be the right step to take. Even if the child is excited and wants to attend the party or playdate, it may require patience and persistence from parents or counselors for the child to successfully navigate social situations without social anxiety. 

Many children in group and individual therapy suffer from some type of anxiety. They may be diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Social Anxiety Disorder, or merely need some tips on overcoming specific situations. Lotus Wellness Center provides test anxiety counseling Palatine, Illinois families recommend. We feel that a therapeutic approach may help to nip anxiety problems in the bud early on. We have the knowledge and experience that may be precisely what you or your child need to overcome social anxiety. 

Strategies for Social Anxiety

A parent or counselor providing Palatine, IL test anxiety counseling can help an anxious child by going over expectations for the party or event with them in as much detail as possible beforehand. This can bring to light which part of the situation causes the highest level of anxiety. Perhaps the child fears the unknown, being overwhelmed by a lot of kids or kids they are unfamiliar with or worry that they will not perform an activity competently or capably. Role-playing and scripting ahead of time with the child about the event may help to decrease anxiety by making the activity seem less threatening or overwhelming.

Additionally, some specific tactics may be recommended from a counselor providing Palatine, IL with test anxiety counseling including:

  • Going to the location before the party or event and trying to make the child more comfortable with the setting.
  • Arrive at the party or event with another invited child so that the youngster can walk into the party with a friend.
  • Show up about 10 minutes early, when it may be less chaotic and will allow the child to warm up to the setting.  
  • Hold initial playdates at your house, where the youngster already feels comfortable, and you can intervene, if necessary.
  • Keep playdates short for the first few times.
  • Make playdates well-defined with structured activities. A counselor providing test anxiety counseling in Palatine, IL will share with you that anxious children often have challenges with less structured playdates for fear of not knowing what to say or do.

If the child wants to sit and observe, that’s okay. He or she can be encouraged to participate or at least move a little closer. However, if watching is less anxiety-provoking, at least the youngster can attend the event and try again to be more engaged in the future. Lastly, our counselor providing Palatine, IL test anxiety counseling will remind you to praise the child for doing things that take them out of their comfort zone. Whether they can engage in a new activity, play with someone new, or merely sit on the outskirts of the event, playdate, or party, they should be rewarded for their progress. 

If social anxiety becomes an issue that keeps rearing its ugly head, you can schedule therapy visits for your child. Lotus Wellness Center provides Palatine, IL residents with test anxiety counseling. We can work with your young one toward dealing with and overcoming social challenges and anxieties. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment for test anxiety counseling in Palatine, IL if your child needs help and support with anxiety.