Reiki Treatment Schaumburg, IL

Reiki Treatment Schaumburg, IL

Reiki Treatment Schaumburg, IL

Whether you have chronic pain, stiffness in your joints, anxiety, depression, an addiction, or another physical or psychological condition, reiki treatment in Schaumburg, IL may be right for you. 

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is an ancient technique performed by a certified reiki instructor. The origin of Reiki dates back to late 1800’s Japan.  Since then, it has grown in popularity in the last several decades. It has been found to produce immaculate results, yet is non-invasive, affordable, and safe. Reiki utilizes the transfer of energy, gentle touch, and positive mindsets. It is a form of hands-on energy therapy and alternative medicine that promotes emotional and physical healing. It is an ideal method of treatment for anyone who would like to hone in on their spirituality, balance their energy levels, heal physical pain, or recover from an emotional condition. 

Like with hypnotherapy, patients undergoing Reiki treatment must have a certain mindset to maximize the treatment’s effectiveness and results. For Reiki to have a noticeable and positive result, the patient has to be relaxed, have the right focus, and prepare their body and mind prior to a session. Patients who have tried Reiki have found that it has helped reduce their pain levels. If you are new to this form of treatment, a Reiki practitioner can guide you through the treatment session. Reiki can offer many benefits for a wide range of disorders and mental issues. If you are interested in reiki treatment Schaumburg, IL clinic, the Lotus Wellness Center offers sessions to people of all ages. For an appointment, please call us today.

The Benefits of Reiki

Promotes Harmony and Balance

Reiki is non-invasive and has a purpose of transferring energy from the practitioner to the client. Through this transfer, the body can restore balance of the mind, body, and spirit. The result is an improved harmony and overall lifestyle. With Reiki, the energy levels in the body can be adjusted in order to achieve balance. 

Relieves Tension in the Body

Reiki allows clients to be right where they are. The sessions involve pure relaxation in which the client can clear their head, quite their thoughts, and alleviate any tension. Being in the right head state improves your body’s responsiveness to the treatment. Reiki treatment in Schaumburg, IL can help a person to feel lighter and more relaxed; thus, enable them to connect better with their inner self. You may feel that your muscles are less stiff, you feel soreness less often, and that your flexibility is improved. 

Balance the Flow of Energy

Ancient healing systems throughout the world talk about a flow of energy in the body. This energy is also known as chi in other Asian cultures. Stress, depression, anxiety, and imbalance wellbeing can begin to block this flow. This can cause problems with focusing, mood swings, pain, anger, and more. To address the root causes of these various problems, the energy throughout the body must be redistributed. Practitioners target specific areas in the body so that the appropriate transfer of energy can occur.  A Reiki therapist can help to unblock the energy so that it flows effortlessly. 

Clears The Mind 

Reiki treatment in Schaumburg, IL reminds the client to come to the present moment. If your mind is cloudy or you are consumed by worry or distraction, the treatment will not work as well. The transfer of energy encourages the client to focus on the now, rather than hold onto past mistakes or fret about the future. The change in energy also applies to how you think and structure your thoughts. Your intentions and goals can be shaped and improved by a better flow of energy. As a result, the client can learn to accept what is unfolding now. This can help him or her to positively react to life situations, circumstances, or other people. If you are in tune with your spiritual self, it may help you deal with your condition or emotional state better. 

Improves Sleep

After just one reiki treatment in Schaumburg, Illinois, you can expect to feel very relaxed. This relaxation allows the body to sleep better, repair itself, and continue to stay balanced. Some clients even fall asleep in their session! This is perfectly okay, and signals the need for more rest and relaxation. 

Improves Spiritual Growth

Reiki addresses the whole person, that which is the body, mind, and spirit. This means the transfer of positive energy through a reiki session can elevate a client’s mood, as well as their overall attitude towards life. After a Reiki treatment, you may find that your overall mood is lifted and it can result in a positive effect on your outlook in life. 

How Reiki Treatment is Done

Reiki can be done practically anywhere, but it is best that it is done in a calm and peaceful environment. During a session, the patient will usually lie down clothed on a soft surface, such as a comfortable table or bed. The practitioner will place their palms on or over certain areas of the patient’s body, initiating a transfer of energy. They will wait to feel heat from the body, and once the heat has subsided they will move to a different section of the body. The palms are often placed over the head, arms, legs, and chest. Like a massage therapy session, Reiki is done in a relaxed and soothing manner, sometimes with music if the patient prefers. The length of the entire process varies, but the energy transfer for each section takes several minutes. 

There are many benefits of reiki. It should be noted that the sessions don’t target just one area of the body, rather it targets everything at the same time. The purpose of Reiki is to utilize a whole body approach so that the energy flows where it should in different areas of the body. Isolating one section of the body will not yield desirable results. If you would like to know more about reiki treatment in Schaumburg, IL, please call the Lotus Wellness Center today.

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