Weight Management

Weight management

Managing our weight has become an increasingly important part of the modern lifestyle.

The burden of extra weight lies on our physical and emotional health and could have detrimental effects down the line if not addressed early.

At Lotus Wellness Center we focus on the doctor guided weight-loss system that incorporates both nutritional, emotional and physical tools.

We believe it is important to find the true cause of why a person was not successful in the past at losing weight and restoring their health.

After a full history is taken by the doctor a number of treatment strategies are discussed with the client and depending on the goals and timeline and the clients medical history a treatment plan is formulated.

Additionally, a protocol by Biotics corporation will help to detoxify the body at the same time as supply all the necessary proteins and micro nutrients in an easy to prepare twice daily shake. In addition to the shake, supplements will help to detoxify the body of previously consumed and retained toxins.

Another therapy that is very important and is used concurrently with the treatments outlined above is bodywork which will focus on reducing stress by illuminating pain and tightness using soft tissue manipulation and specific chiropractic alignment techniques. This will increase circulation and create a more balanced environment for weight loss and efficient communication between organ systems and the brain.

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