Palatine IL Stress ManagementPalatine IL Stress Management

Treating Stress with Chiropractic Services

How Lotus Wellness Center Care Can Help You to Reduce and Manage Your Stress Levels

When you suffer from stress and anxiety, you need to reach out to Lotus Wellness Center for Palatine, IL stress management. Nearly all people will experience stress in their life. Stress, if not properly managed through Palatine, IL stress management, can lead to mental and physical discomfort. One of the most effective ways to manage excessive, or chronic, stress can be through noninvasive chiropractic care.

One of the emotions that many people could do without is worry. Everyone has worried about something at some point or another in their lives, but for many, that worry can turn into chronic worrying, also referred to as anxiety. It is estimated that more than 40 million adults in the United States struggle with anxiety every year. What starts out as worry about a particular topic ends up morphing into chronic worrying. One of the best ways to deal with anxiety and chronic worrying is by going through stress management in Palatine, IL at Lotus Wellness Center.

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Medical Conditions Associated with Stress

Stress has been blamed for a broad range of medical conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep disorders
  • Heart problems
  • Heart attack
  • Breathing problems
  • Panic attacks
  • Chronic headaches
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Muscle pain

What Do We Worry About?

There have been countless studies that have examined the most common topics that Americans worry about. What these studies have found is that there are certain issues that many people worry about, no matter what their backgrounds are. Some of the more frequent issues include the following:

Money Issues: Financial worry is the number one topic that people worry about. Whether it is worrying about how to pay bills every month, financial security in the future, or how you will pay for your child’s college education, worrying about money can have a severe impact on your mental health.

Relationships: Whether a person is single and worried about finding a partner or they have a partner and are having issues, worrying about relationships is another common reason why people worry. But it is not just romantic relationships that people worry about; they also worry about relationships with parents, children, siblings, friends, and work colleagues.

Health: Ironically, worrying about your health can have a negative impact on your health. But worrying about your health, or the health of a loved one, is a real source of anxiety for many people. It is good to be concerned with eating healthy, getting plenty of rest and exercise, however, worry that causes severe anxiety is far from healthy and may need to be addressed with Palatine, Illinois stress management.

Work: Job-related worry is also another frequently mentioned source of worry for people. Whether the worry is because the person is worried they will lose their job or the worry and anxiety comes from the position itself, caused by job responsibilities, deadlines, issues with management or co-workers, the anxiety can interfere with the person’s life.

Reach Out for Help

A certain amount of worrying is normal for everyone and is perfectly healthy. You may have concerns about monthly bills or issues with your spouse, however, it is when those worries turn into anxiety and affects your physical and mental health that it may be time to reach out to Lotus Wellness Center for Palatine, IL stress management. Our staff works with patients suffering from anxiety, teaching them different ways to help reduce this anxiety. In addition to counseling sessions, we can teach you different coping methods including deep breathing exercises and meditation.

When the body is under physical or psychological stress, it may use its energy to “fight” off the perceived threat. The muscles may become tense, and if they do no relax themselves for a period of time, tension headaches can result.

A 2009 study suggested that mental stress does have an influence on physical pain. Furthermore, hormones responsible for responding to stress may interact with molecules that respond to stimuli which causes neuropathic pain. In other words, stress may not only cause pain, but also increase the susceptibility to pain and worsen any pre-existing pain — ever increasing the importance of Palatine, IL stress management.

Mind, Body, and Stress

Think back to a time when you developed sweaty hands before a big meeting, or when you lost your breath after a near-miss car accident. Both are reactions to stress and have an affect on the body and mind.

People who feel physical effects from their psychological stress likely want to reduce both issues, but might not know how. A doctor may prescribe medicine, a life coach might recommend long walks and positive thinking. A chiropractic doctor may suggest chiropractic treatments for stress.

Reducing Stress with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is an effective treatment for various types of back pain as well as palliative care to alleviate the symptoms of pre-existing injuries and health conditions. Regular chiropractic care for stress can help to relax muscles and decrease pain. Over the course of the treatment, these benefits can extend into your overall quality of life; thereby, reducing your stress. Your central nervous system, which is responsible for how your body responds to stress, will also benefit from the chiropractic care.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Stress Management in Palatine, IL

Chiropractic care for stress management in Palatine, IL is one part of a holistic approach to health and wellness. It is meant to return your body back to a balanced state, with all parts functioning as they should. Benefits of chiropractic care for stress include:

  • Improvement in nerve function
  • Reduction in swelling around the joints
  • Encourages the body to heal itself
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Better energy levels

Your Palatine, IL stress management treatment may be held in a comfortable, soothing environment which can enhance the healing process. A chiropractor may recommend massage, yoga, change in diet, or counseling in addition to your treatment.

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