LGBTQ Therapy Palatine, IL

LGBTQ Therapy Palatine, IL LGBTQ Therapy Palatine, IL

If you are interested in LGBTQ therapy in Palatine, IL, the Lotus Wellness Center offers a comfortable, safe place for these sessions. All people have struggles in life, but those who are part of the LGBTQ community might find themselves facing additional stress, such as low self esteem, identity issues, and discrimination. Here you will receive the help and guidance you need without any judgement.

Whether you are struggling to come out, are facing marital or relationship issues, struggling with family problems, or just wishing to cope more with the daily struggles in life, our therapists can create a plan specific to your needs. The environment at the Lotus Wellness Center enables you to speak openly and honestly about your wishes, goals, and objectives. We are available to navigate and overcome challenges you’re facing; ultimately allowing you to become the most authentic version of yourself. For a consultation regarding LGBTQ therapy in Palatine, IL, call the Lotus Wellness Center now.

The Unique Aspects of Palatine, IL LGBTQ Therapy

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (or questioning) individuals may experience depression, anxiety, trauma, and other common challenges. Therapy can address these things; however, there might also be additional unique struggles such as:

Gender dysphoria, a condition in which gender identity and expression is not the same as their gender assigned at birth.

  • Sexual identity issues, in which they are questioning their sexual identity.
  • Abuse, discrimination, and other challenges that LGBTQ individuals might face
  • Non-accepting family members of friends
  • Stigmas at school, work, or other environments

In addition to the above, LGBTQ individuals might have faced hate crimes, bullying, or have lost loved ones after coming out. The emotional impact of these events can be extremely challenging. LGBTQ therapy in Palatine, Illinois can help to process these events.

A compassionate, supportive therapist with experience in these LGBTQ challenges shares concerns about the stigmas and social issues associated with the community. At the Lotus Wellness Center, we want to help you find the support you are seeking, while assisting you in reaching your desired goals.

LGBTQ Therapy at The Lotus Wellness Center

At the Lotus Wellness Center, we hold space for a broad range of LGBTQ-related topics and issues, including:

  • Coming out as LGBTQ
  • LGBTQ adult counseling
  • LGBTQ parent coaching
  • LGBTQ couples counseling
  • LGBTQ family counseling
  • LGBTQ or gender-non-conforming therapy

Will LGBTQ Therapy Try to Change Me?

There is some debate about nature vs. nurture and whether sexuality or gender is shaped by biological determinations or the environment. Conversion therapies tend to be aimed at changing the cognitions of a person who might have the same-gender attraction, or may identify with a gender different to that assigned at birth. The Lotus Wellness Center does not practice conversion or reparative therapies. We also believe they are not ethical and go against our own standards of holistic therapy. We don’t focus on what “caused” you to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or gender-nonconforming. We also don’t believe there needs to be something changed or controlled. Rather we believe you are who you are. You are an incredible person and we won’t try to change that.

If you would like to know more about our LGBTQ therapy in Palatine, IL, please reach out to the Lotus Wellness Center.

What’s the problem with going to standard therapy? 

Seeking help from a mental health counselor is a huge step for anyone and we strongly advocate for people to find the help they need and are comfortable with. So, why seek help specifically from an LGBTQ therapist? Here’s the answer: when you go to a therapist you want to make sure they specialize in what your problem is. If you are having problems in your life related to how you identify in the LGBTQ+ community, you want to know that your therapist will be able to help you from a place of understanding, not speculation. In fact, many LGBTQ+ identifying people do not continue with therapy if the person they are seeing is not familiar with the problems they are facing.

What can you get when you step into our counseling? 

When you choose to start therapy with one of our compassionate and knowledgable LGBTQ therapists, you know you will be coming into an environment where the counselor will respect you, encourage you to express yourself however you feel comfortable, and give you tools for self-affirmation so that you can be proud of who you are. We understand that many of the clients who come into our office are dealing with unique struggles and may not have the support of their families. This can lead to feelings of:

  • Ignoring who you really are
  • Embarrassment and shame
  • Trying to change who you are
  • Depression and anxiety

At our office, you will find a safe space to begin working on coping mechanisms and ways to safely confront someone if that is a step you want to take. We believe you are exactly who you are supposed to be and will encourage you to surround yourself with the people who will pull you up when you are down and we will help you develop communication strategies. One of the biggest things that can help you in life is knowing you have someone to talk to, someone who can understand what you are going through, and someone who knows of the struggles you have had to face.

See What We Can Do to Help You

At the Lotus Wellness Center, we believe in helping you live your life in a way that affirms your true self. Want to see how we can help you? Call to schedule an appointment with us now for LGBTQ therapy in Palatine, Illinois.

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