Adolescent Therapist Palatine, IL

Adolescent Therapist Palatine, IL

Adolescent Therapist Palatine, ILAn adolescent therapist Palatine, Illinois families trust knows that developing agreements that pertain to child custody can be rife with complications. Amidst divorce, the changes you are enduring can result in heated battles and for emotional tensions to run high. Making child custody arrangements are not always straightforward, especially when you and your soon to be ex are having difficulty in reaching agreements. It’s not uncommon for children to feel caught in the middle during and even after divorce. Lotus Wellness Center provides an experienced adolescent therapist Palatine, IL families can turn to for help. This can allow you to better support your child but also yourself.

Support for Your Child

Your entire family will be experiencing significant changes. It’s not uncommon for children to struggle during this time. Children can be feeling lost, especially when child custody matters are being sorted. When children do not know where they will be living, it can be difficult for them to adjust to all the changes that are happening around them. There are a number of roles that a child therapist can play during the legal process and beyond. Our adolescent therapist Palatine, IL recommends can provide therapeutic support to a child during this time. They can also provide insight into the child’s wishes as they pertain to child custody. Because a therapist who works with children is knowledgeable in working with kids, they can also provide parents with support on how to talk to children about divorce

Support for You

Divorce can take an emotional toll. When you and your spouse are at odds over how you will share your children, it can be terrifying, not to mention result in a long drawn out divorce process. While your lawyer can certainly help you to negotiate these matters in court, a therapist Palatine, IL parents trust can provide you with the support you need during this process. Therapy can provide a number of benefits amidst divorce including:

  • Counseling can provide you with an unbiased person to talk to
  • Help rebuild your life
  • Provide you with coping strategies to take care of yourself
  • Separates the legal from the emotional

While your lawyer can certainly provide you with some level of support, having a therapist can provide you with the support you need when contending with the many changes you are experiencing. This can ensure that you are supported by a trained adolescent therapist Palatine, IL recommends while your lawyer focuses on the legal end of things.

Contacting a Child Custody Lawyer

There are a vast range of child custody arrangements that you and your ex can make. When negotiating something as important as custody of your children, it’s important that you have an experienced legal professional by your side. They can help by listening to your wishes and negotiating agreements that have your best interest at heart. A lawyer can take some of the stress out of the legal process by taking the lead in drawing up and filing legal documents, representing you in court and protecting your interests.

Child custody lawyers have seen firsthand the emotional toll that a long, drawn-out divorce can have on families. Accessing our adolescent therapist Palatine, IL families can count on may be a helpful way of getting the support you need both emotionally and when making agreements over child custody arrangements. For more information about child custody and how Lotus Wellness Center may be able to help, contact our adolescent therapist Palatine, IL families look to for help during this fragile time.

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