Abuse Therapist Palatine Illinois

Abuse Therapist Palatine Illinois

Abuse can take several forms – physical, emotional, or verbal. But no matter what type of abuse it is, victims can suffer from pain and psychological issues. The physical injuries from abuse heal much quicker than the emotional injuries. An abuse therapist Palatine Illinois patients Abuse Therapist Palatine Illinoistrust can suffer from many mental health issues long after the abuse has ended, including anxiety, flashbacks, and trust issues. May victims find it difficult to move forward in life, including being able to form new relationships.

Thankfully, a therapist that specializes in abuse can help the victim work through these issues and heal their emotional wounds that the abuser has left behind. Some of the types of abuse that the therapist at Lotus Wellness Center have worked with victims on include:

  • Physical abuse: When the abuser intentionally causes physical harm to the victim
  • Emotional or psychological abuse: When the victim uses manipulation to control the victim, including isolation, humiliation, verbal attacks, or threats
  • Sexual abuse: Any type of sexual contact without the victim’s consent is sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse: When the abuser uses money to exert control over the victim

There are also different types of relationship dynamics where abuse can occur. Many cases of abuse involve a close family member or partner; however, it can also involve social or professional relationships. Some of the more common types of abuse each therapist Palatine, IL offers at our clinic include:

  • Domestic violence: This type of abuse is also referred to as spousal abuse or intimate partner abuse. Whenever any abuse occurs between couples in an intimate relationship, it is classified as domestic violence or abuse.
  • Child abuse: Any harm, neglect, or exploitation of a minor is classified as child abuse.
  • Elder abuse: When a person harms, neglects, or exploits an elderly person, this is classified as elder abuse. The abuser is often someone who is a caretaker for the elderly victim, such as a nursing home employee or a family member.

Emotional Impact of Abuse

Even when the abuse is long over, the victim can still suffer serious emotional issues because of the abuse. Some of the more common types of mental health issues are:

  • Anger: An abuse victim often struggles with intense anger at the person or people who abused them. They may also struggle with anger at people who suspected or knew about the abuse but didn’t intervene. A victim may also be angry at themselves and blame themselves for not stopping the abuse.
  • Anxiety: Symptoms of anxiety include panic attacks, fear of strangers, and trouble sleeping.
  • Depression: Abuse victims often have a hard time enjoying things they used to enjoy, particularly if the activity reminds them of the person who abused them. They may struggle with feelings of emptiness and sadness.
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Many abuse victims suffer from PTSD, struggling with flashbacks, nightmares, and hypervigilance.
  • Shame: It is far too common for abuse victims to feel guilt or shame about the abuse, often blaming themselves or feeling as if they deserved the abuse that was inflicted on them.

There is a myriad of other issues that victims of abuse can struggle with, including mood issues, trust issues, self-destructive behaviors, and dissociation. A Palatine Illinois abuse therapist from Lotus Wellness Center can help victims work through these issues and regain control of their life again. For more information, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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