Miscarriage Counseling Palatine, IL

Palatine Miscarriage CounselingWhen you have gone through the pain and heartbreak of a miscarriage, you may think that nothing, including Palatine, IL miscarriage counseling, can help. Experiencing a miscarriage can be a profoundly emotional and devastating event not only for the individual going through it but also for a couple. It can feel like a hole that will never fully be filled. During this difficult time, it is critical that you seek the support of a counselor who can help you learn to cope and heal with your emotions. When you seek counseling, you will find comfort and safety from an empathetic person who can help you find a way to begin healing. For help, reach out to Lotus Wellness Center now. 

What will a therapist do for you? 

There are many things that a therapist can help you do during this emotionally challenging time. You should feel safe and confident going into a counseling session knowing that what you say will be confidential and that you will not be judged for your feelings.  

  • They can validate how you are feeling. You may not realize just how much you need someone to validate how you are feeling after a miscarriage. It can be a time of loneliness and isolation and you may believe that nothing will ever help you get away from this grief. Some people may make you feel like your feelings are unwarranted and that you should move on quicker than you are ready for. Your counselor can help you to process the loss and move on when you are ready to. 
  • They can help you address guilt. Some women find that a miscarriage brings about feelings of extreme guilt and self-blame. Your counselor can help you explore and understand these feelings and they can also help you understand that there’s nothing you did wrong or nothing you did that would have made this happen. Processing these feelings can help you move from guilt to self-compassion while you learn to heal. 
  • They can help you find resources. You may not know where to look or who to turn to when you need supportive resources. When you go to Palatine miscarriage counseling, your counselor can help refer you to local groups or hotlines that will offer you a community and a safe space to meet other people who have gone through what you have gone through.

Why is seeking help so difficult? 

It can be difficult to seek help because, many times, women do not feel they deserve to find help after this has happened. This can stem from guilt, shame, or other strong emotions. However, you have every right to get help and seek compassionate care from someone you can trust. If you are ready to talk about what happened to you and seek help from someone who will listen to you, contact Lotus Wellness Center. We understand the grief and despair you are going through. When you are ready, call us to learn more about how Palatine miscarriage counseling may be right for you.