Logan Chambers

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Logan Chambers, MA, NCC, LCPC

Trauma and other life experiences can be overwhelming to handle on your own. These experiences can feel lonely and isolating. It is important for me to remind my clients that they are not alone in their therapeutic journey. I strive to support clients who have experienced trauma, who have been in domestic violence relationships, who have experienced sexual abuse, who have experienced religious trauma, are veterans, are suffering from PTSD or any other client who simply needs to be heard. I have completed the 40hour domestic violence training, level 2 Reiki practitioner, and trainings in emotionally focused therapy and sex-positive counseling. Additionally, I work with members of the LGBTQIA+ population and am a kink-affirming therapist. My goal is to create a supportive space to work on topics that can be uncomfortable.

Everyone’s therapeutic journey is different. I want to empower my clients to recognize their own resiliency. Everyone is an expert in their own story. I would appreciate the opportunity to get to know your story and to walk alongside and guide you on your therapeutic journey.