counseling Inverness, ILAs healing and rewarding counseling in Inverness, IL from Lotus Wellness Center can be for a person’s mental health, it is only normal to be nervous before a session. Preparing for therapy can ease the initial anxiety that comes with attending your first counseling session. If you are considering going to therapy, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help get you more prepared:

What are your goals and intentions?

Before you go to the session, outline what your therapy goals are. Each person’s reasons for therapy will be unique to them. What made you consider going to therapy, and what do you hope to gain when you leave? If you have tried therapy before, assess what your past therapists were like and what worked best for you. Therapy is productive when there is introspection. What is it that is weighing on you the most, making you feel unhappy or unmotivated?

What are realistic expectations or outcomes?

Therapy is a useful tool that can be incredibly beneficial to someone’s life. However, it often takes more than a single appointment to feel the positive effects of IL, Inverness counseling sessions. See that your expectations are realistic, and be willing to put in the time and effort to get the most out of it. Keep in mind, it may take several weeks or even years until you reach your intended goal. Your therapist may not have all the answers for you, but they can support you as you find it for yourself. 

Have you given yourself credit yet?

As a therapist from Lotus Wellness Center knows, taking the step to get help for mental health is not an easy one. The fact that you are considering going to therapy for something you are struggling with already means you are on the right track to improved wellness. So, don’t forget to give yourself credit for searching potential therapy offices and wanting better for your mental health. 

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If you haven’t gone to therapy before, there’s no way to know how you will feel afterwards. For some, they feel relief and fine enough to go about responsibilities or work. But for others, they may need the rest of the day to process their feelings and some truths that the session revealed. Neither need is right or wrong, but you may want to keep the rest of the day flexible in terms of obligations. Call a therapist today to hear more about Illinois counseling in Inverness at Lotus Wellness Center.