Anxiety Doctor Palatine, IL

Anxiety doctor Palatine, ILHow do you find an anxiety doctor in Palatine, IL? The first thing you should do is look for a mental health specialist with either a masters degree such as licensed professional counselor LPC, licensed clinical professional counselor LCPC or a licensed clinical social worker LCSW or a doctorate degree such as psychologist PsyD. It’s important to go to a qualified specialist because they will know how to do a proper intake and evaluation and find the correct diagnosis for what’s bothering you. This is very important because the therapy approach varies widely depending on the diagnosis.

Diagnosing anxiety will require a licensed professional to conduct a detailed interview which will go over the history of the condition, family history and other information to help narrow down the diagnosis. Standardized psychological assessments are used in order to quantify the severity of the condition and then a treatment plan can be formulated. It usually takes one visit to formulate a diagnosis and a treatment plan however some conditions are more complicated and have comorbidities which require more thorough and time-consuming testing to be done in order to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

At Lotus Wellness Center we have both an anxiety doctor in Palatine, IL as well as licensed professional counselors who are both skilled at treating anxiety as well as compassionate towards people suffering from this disorder. Treatment for anxiety can be multifaceted including but not limited to psychological therapy, acupuncture, meditation, medication, and others. At Lotus Wellness Center we strive to find the most effective as well as least invasive treatment that will help alleviate anxiety symptoms and help you regain control of your life. It is our mission to help our community overcome the effects of anxiety whether it is mild or severe and use methods that have little or no side effects so you can go back to living your life free of anxiety and its damaging effects.

Sessions of therapy are typically an hour long and will consist of both talk therapy as well as hands-on exercises to help lessen the severity of anxiety symptoms until they all but disappear. It is very important to finish the prescribed number of sessions as well as be consistent in how you attend them. Similar to taking medications therapy works better when each session builds on the previous one and results can be seen in as little as a few weeks. Palatine, IL has a number of choices when seeking an anxiety doctor however it is very important to check their credentials as well as feel comfortable in the center that you go to seeking treatment.

Here at Lotus Wellness Center, we strive to make the experience of picking a doctor for anxiety treatment easy and stress-free including scheduling, attending sessions and addressing insurance questions. We are present in the Palatine, IL community and strive to make a difference in reducing the incidence of anxiety in each and every client that we meet.