What Is Humanistic Therapy And What Does It Focus On?

Humanistic therapy is going to focus on you as an individual person, and the goal is to help you develop into the very best person that you are able to be. This type of therapy focuses on helping you reach your full potential. And the core belief is that human beings are inherently good and make the right decisions for themselves with the right external stimulus.

Gestalt therapy encourages you to examine your life as it exists in this present moment. This type of therapy might have you look at past events but in a present-day light. So if you are reflecting on your post, the therapist is going to ask you how you would experience the past today. So you are essentially taking the past and seeing how it would affect you in today’s world as you have changed since it happened.

Client-centered therapy was developed by Carl Rogers and it was created in the 1940s. This type of therapy can be known as person-centered therapy or Rogerian therapy and it makes the client the supreme focus of the therapy. Essentially this therapy believes that the client has to be able to freely express themselves with no worry about judgment. This type of therapy is putting the therapist from the center to offer a safe environment, where the client can talk about anything and everything without having to worry about judgment or their secrets being told to anyone in the criminal law enforcement. Person-centered therapists use techniques such as empathy, congruence, unconditional positive regard, and more to make the client feel safe and comfortable to open up to them. Client-centered therapy is used for, typically used to treat substance abuse or addiction.

Understanding the type of counseling that is available to you in Schaumburg IL can help you feel safer and more able to pick a therapist that will best be suited to your needs. Let’s continue on about the humanistic therapy theories because there are more of them. Existential therapy is based on a philosophical approach triggered by the exact same name, and essentially this concept is that each individual makes her own meaning in life and life is not predetermined for you. Therapists who work with this method are going to guide you to make rational choices to reach your full potential with their help. This type of therapy is looking at free will, self-determination, and the search for the meaning of life but specifically your life.

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